• Looks like hardware H.264 decoding is only for Windows.

  • A post on TUAW says that it still has improvements for playing back flash video in hardware mode.

    For some things, just downloading the video file too fast can slow things down in flash. Like full speed on at 10 meg connection. But the same video might play fine at 1/4 of that speed.

    At least this is what I experience.

  • I was just gonna ask about hw decoding … really glad Adobe is focusing on optimizing horribly unoptimized Flash for mac , NOT.

  • Really? Adobe released another program riddled with possible bugs? Are your sources on this accurate Elan. I just really find it hard to believe Adobe would be so inept at coding, especially when it comes to decade old software…

  • When is this going to be fixed in plex??? it may be a bug in 10.1 flash. but I like flash 10.1 and dont want to uninstall it. plex is the only app with issues. ETA on fix?

    • @Alex: When the final Flash 10.1 is released (it’s currently just a beta) then we’ll likely look into it. Until then, you’ll have to choose between running a beta release of a product, or using Plex with WebKit content.

  • Thank You! This solved my problem with not getting video with a number of the plugins on my MacBook Pro running 10.6.2.

    To go back to the earlier version, you have to use the Flash Uninstaller to get rid of the beta:

    Then you can install the older “release” version that works great.

  • Yep, that solved my problems as well!
    I really had problems viewing streaming video using SVT Play, TV4 Play, etc, and I was about to almost give up when I saw this post. Reverting to Flash solved all there is to it. Pls try to fix this in upcoming releases of Plex (or get rid of Flash dependency). It is really hard to track down the issue and find a solution!

    Thanks a lot!

  • First of all, thanks a lot for sharing an awesome media server with us.
    But it’s been almost over a year, and it seems nothing has happened with development regarding flash support.
    I can’t watch several flash websites using 10.0 :(

    Any plans for making plex work with the upcoming flash 10.2? Or are you still making us stay with 10.0? I surely hope not…

  • Anything new about this? I just came back home after a few months away from my Mini. I started updating apps and forgot about this old problem so I updated Flash. Is there any solution? It’s 2012 now…

    • @Ed: Newer releases have solved this issue :)

  • Thanks Elan. I actually updated Plex to the newest version as soon as I came back home but that didn’t do the trick. What helped was updating the Media Server separately. Before I seem to remember that the Media Server was updated when I updated Plex. Anyway, it’s working now!

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