New Plug-in releases for November 1st

10.31.09 9 Comments

Written by Jonny Wray, Earth-Touch is an online window to life in the natural world. Great high definition content!


Written by Sander Spies, Culture Catch is your vid/podcasting on-line smart culture channel for provocative, insightful, entertaining and often-irreverent discussions on trends in 21st century culture with those who are in the know.


Also written by Sander Spies, PokerNews contains video updates, interviews and commentary from the world of poker including the latest from the WSOP.


Love movie trailers? Written by Jonny Wray, Trailer Unleashed provides instant access to a large amount of trailers.


Written by Sander Spies, Bekijk alle Nederland 24 kanalen vanuit Plex. De beschikbare kanalen: 101 TV, Best 24, Consumenten 24, Cultura 24, Familie 24/Z@ppelin, Geschiedenis 24, Holland Doc 24, Humor TV 24, Journaal 24, Politiek 24, Spirit 24, Sterren 24

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  • nice, but when will there be a live-tv interface with recording capabilities for tvcards?

  • Great work by everyone involved. Keep the plugins coming!

  • nice, but when will there be an option to integrate Plex with my coffeemaker?

  • Nice nice more Dutch content :)

  • I like the nederland24 plugin, will you be working on plugins for programma gemist, rtl gemist and/or sbs gemist? This would be great!

  • Nice! love the Nederland 24 plugin.
    Could you guys please also add the ‘Uitzending Gemist’ plugin to the AppStore, which is available in the dutch subforum.

  • Nice! Nederland 24!

    But when does plex intergrate the tv recording interface with my coffeemaker?

  • @iMarc: There already is a plugin for “Uitzending gemist” available. For RTL Gemist and SBS Gemist see and

  • Coffeemaker?? pfffft…. that’s so 90’s (lol) Tea, old sport!
    Tea is the new coffee… Nothing like a nice cuppa :)

    So when will PLEX turn on the kettle automatically? Preferably with
    soft music playing at the same time…
    ps. nice plugins all ! thanks

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