New Plug-in Releases

08.16.09 6 Comments

A couple more plug-ins for your viewing pleasure:

First up, written by Jonny Wray, Subpop records allows you to listen to music and watch music videos by one of Seattle’s most prolific record labels.


Also written by Jonny Wray, iMovies plugin allow you to stream hundreds of free public domain movies, films and cartoons.


Written by Sander Spies, is een Nederlandse videosharing-site waar je eenvoudig video’s kunt bekijken, uploaden en uitzenden op je eigen persoonlijke kanaal. Met deze plugin kun je de leukste en populairste video’s zien. Je kunt browsen op categorie, kanalen van gebruikers bekijken of zoeken op steekwoorden (tags).
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  • Thanx again :) Really good to see some Dutch content!
    Question:Is Plex getting an update soon for the 10.6 issues? (remote that starts Front Row:iTunes)

    • @xain09: Once Snow Leopard is released, it’ll be our top priority to fix that last remaining bug that we know of with the OS.

  • Sweet! Love your work :)

  • This is great but please, for the love of God, do a Global TV plug in or something so us Canadians that don’t have HULU can get some good programming!

  • hi there, just wanna request itv on demand and a few more UK channels, why not try get sky and virgin involved even if there is a small charge per year to use them

  • oh and i love this program its awesome! thanks for all your hard work on it guys

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