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08.15.09 5 Comments

Thanks to new features in Plex v0.8.2, we’re happy to announce a little bit of plug-in news.

We’ve had thousands of downloads of the SVT Play plug-in, and we just pushed an update. The plug-in, among other things, now has support for full and instant seeking within the videos. Daniel Eriksson, Mattias Norlander, Ivar Åsell, and Andreas (tassitassi) worked hard updating the plug-in.


PBS has been a popular request for quite some time now, and a feature added in the latest Plex finally made this possible. So now you can enjoy all 27 programs offered from the PBS website, browse by topic or by collection, see what the most popular shows are, or search for videos.


Enjoy the updates!

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  • Somehow I missed the officiel release of the PBS plugin! Great work on that one, I love it!!

  • Det är imponerande snyggt! Stort tack!

  • PBS is great! Would love to have PBSKids as well.

  • we can use getflv to download videos from svt play videos.here we can get it:

  • Snyggt jobbat!
    Men, Var skickar jag en ‘buggraport’ ?
    Just nu kan jag inte se filmerna under DOX Bara klippen på min samsung smartTV
    I webinterfacet funkar det /?

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