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New Plug-in Releases

| 16 Aug 2009 | by

A couple more plug-ins for your viewing pleasure: First up, written by Jonny Wray, Subpop records allows you to listen to music and watch music videos by one of Seattle’s most prolific record labels. Also written by Jonny Wray, iMovies...

PBS and SVT Play

| 15 Aug 2009 | by

Thanks to new features in Plex v0.8.2, we’re happy to announce a little bit of plug-in news. We’ve had thousands of downloads of the SVT Play plug-in, and we just pushed an update. The plug-in, among other things, now has...

Plex 0.8.2: Silky Smooth

| 09 Aug 2009 | by

It wasn’t until I was over at a friend’s house playing with Plex v0.8.1 that I realized how much better this new version is. We’ve targeted two major causes of user interface delay (beach balling) in this release (starting streams...

New Plug-in Releases

| 08 Aug 2009 | by

Holy Cow, Batman, we have such a great group of plug-in developers, it’s hard to keep up with them. Here’s a new batch to keep you entertained. The next release of Plex will be out shortly, especially since my little...