Celebrating our 100th plug-in

07.26.09 12 Comments

While we’re putting the final touches on the next Plex release, we thought we’d release a new batch of plug-ins for your enjoyment, including some for our international users. Major kudos to our prolific team of plug-in developers, we now have over 100 plug-ins in the store, and many more in progress.

Starting the batch, off is a FOX News plug-in written by Sander Spies. Watch breaking news, or your favorite news and commentary shows.


Written by Gordon Johnston, The Guardian plug-in features the latest news, sport, business, commentary, analysis and reviews from the world’s leading liberal voice in news.


Written by Jonny Wray, Bicycling Magazine is the world’s leading road biking, mountain bike, and cycling magazine. Find bike and gear reviews, cycling and mountain biking tips, training articles, expert biking advice, bicycle maintenance know-how, and a dedicated biking community.


Written by Gordon Johnston, Cranky Geeks features content from John C. Dvorak, whose crankiness knows no bounds. Dvorak is a contributing editor of PC Magazine, for which he has been writing two columns, including the popular Inside Track, since 1986.

cranky geeks.png

Written by Gordon Johnston, Pixel Corps features video and audio shows from the from the guild, covering news and technical overviews from the worlds of media, video productions and Apple tech.


Trailer Addict, also written by Jonny Wray, features HD movie trailers, teasers, TV spots, clips and featurettes for upcoming, new, and classic films.


ARTE ist ein europäisches Kulturprogramm, das sich an alle weltoffenen und neugierigen Bürger in Europa wendet, insbesondere in Frankreich und Deutschland. Über ARTE+7 stellt ARTE Teile seines Programms der vergangenen sieben Tage online zu Verfügung.

ARTE est une Chaîne culturelle européenne qui s’adresse à tous les téléspectateurs curieux et ouverts sur le monde, partout en Europe et en particulier en France et en Allemagne. ARTE +7 permet de visionner certains programmes d’ARTE pendant les sept jours qui suivent leur première diffusion.

ARTE is written by Christian Sabor.


Written by Gordon Johnston, DL.TV is for tech fans, by tech fans. It features some of the most timely and honest views about what is going on in tech today!


Bandes-annonces, Extraits vidéos, Making-of, Trailer, Haute définition, Teaser, Podcast, Interviews

Allocine.com is written by oncleben31.


One last note: The plug-in authors should check the released versions, as they may include minor changes or fixes.

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  • Thanx for the new plu-ins! Looking forward to the new release :)

  • New plugins are great. Good luck finishing up the release.

  • Good work! Thanks for the plugins.

  • Nice work. The App store is so diverse now. Ease of use isn’t too shabby either. :)

    “While we’re putting the final touches on the next Plex release”


  • Great stuff guys!

    Has HD flagging made it into the next release?

  • Oooh, hopefully the new Library will be in the next release, I’m starting to use Plex in earnest now, and would love working covers/nfo’s etc; without all the broken IMDb scrapes.

    Nice to see even more plugins, any news on a fix for 4oD though, it’s never really worked, and BBC iPlayer seems buggy – like search etc doesn’t work.

    Does anyone still watch Faux News?

    • @sej7278: The new release is a stable Plex/Eight series, so no major new features. We’ll be fixing up the British plug-ins shortly, and I have to assume (sadly) that lots of people still watch FOX.

  • ah ok, the boring branch coming up then 😉

    one thing, when i go to the appstore it says some plugins have been updated, but doesn’t say which ones.

    is there a way to list the plugin versions in plex, or for the update message to include which ones have been updated, so we can check out the updates? e.g. so i know when to try 4oD again 😉

    • @sej7278: There’s a menu item in the App Store where you can view your update history.

  • Thank you for the update about the upcoming release. And I concur, it is unfortunate that people still watch Fox haha.

  • If I could figure out how, I would make a plugin for jaylenosgarage.com

  • Excellent article, bookmarked for future referrence

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