Boing Boing Video now available on Plex

06.09.09 7 Comments

We were super excited when Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing contacted us to see if we could provide access through Plex to their excellent video site. An hour and a couple of emails later, we have an easy and fun way to browse Boing Boing Video while sitting on your couch.

For those of you new to Plex, you can download the latest version from here. After you’ve installed, start Plex and head to the App Store:


Since Boing Boing Video is one of our featured plug-ins, you can find it in the Featured Section. Simple select the plug-in to install it.


Once you’ve installed the plug-in, you can find it in the Videos section off the main menu. Sit back, open up a beverage of your choice, and watch some great content.

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  • Another great addition to Plex. Whatabout a facebook plug-in?

  • Awesome–great to see content provider working so closely with a project like this.

  • Woohoo! We’re very excited about this. Thanks, Plex!

  • site is very slow streaming videos. I get about 600-500k/s from apple movie trailers but 50 – 100k/s from boing boing.

  • Same. Even with full caching (which takes forever), the site will still stop once it has run down.

  • ooh a facebook app – that would be something!

  • I saw this on Fred Wilson’s blog and thought you all might be working on somehting like it.

    We’re all plexers here at Al Jazeera English DC

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