Release 0.8.1: Crazy Delicious

05.22.09 63 Comments

Remember how when Windows 3.0 came out, it really sucked, and it wasn’t until 3.1 that Microsoft got things right? Well, I’d like to think of this release (download here) as being the “Windows 3.1″ release of Plex. We’ve fixed a lot of issues, and this version should be much more stable than the previous one. Additionally, the people who were staying with v0.7.13 because of issues with BluRay rips in subsequent versions can now download this version without fear.

  • FIX: Idle CPU reduced greatly. On an iMac we went from 24% to around 9.8%. On a 1.83GHz Mini we went from 38% to 16%. Al Gore is happy.
  • FIX: Hang when playing WebKit content after 5.1 content.
  • FIX: A few issues causing App Store/plug-ins to disappear.
  • FIX: Hang on exit (when Media Server Scrobbler was enabled).
  • FIX: Cannot play/browse AC/DC (and other artists with funky names) from the iTunes library. Heavy metal fans rejoice!
  • FIX: Scrobbling plays of AAC files to the Plex Media Server wasn’t working.
  • FIX: Crash on start when Plex Media Server was run on a computer without Plex.
  • FIX: Intermittant lack of audio when starting 5.1 videos when background music/themes was enabled. (We also disabling the fading, which was not helping.)
  • FIX: VC-1 apparent regression in ffmpeg 0.5 which caused much higher CPU usage and related problems. Ryan and I resolved it by reverting to an earlier version of the codec. Thanks to Peter for bringing the issue to our attention, and to Aaron for help in tracking it down.
  • FIX: View Slideshow context menu items weren’t enabled for top-level photo plug-ins.
  • FIX: Jay and Isaac tweaked the default settings for IMDB to make sure the best quality posters are returned.
  • FIX: James made some tweak to Now Playing. The flip time is now configurable in the Advanced Settings Cocoa UI (Make it flip every 5 seconds! Make your child and/or pets motion sick!) Additionally, the background is more in line with look of MediaStream.
  • FIX: We’ve defaulted the automatic audio stream selection to false, as we think that default makes more sense (Thanks, Isaac! You can turn it off manually yourself in the video player preferences.) We also fixed an issue with the auto-selection of subtitles if the auto-selection of audio streams was disabled.
  • FIX: We pulled the latest libdcr code which decodes RAW images (it fixes some pink-hue issues with newer cameras).
  • FIX: As forum user “someone” reported, the German strings were botched in the previous version.
  • FIX: Sébastien Vaast kindly send us updates to the French translation.
  • FIX: We fixed a possible crash with Javascript seek bars in site profiles.
  • FIX: Relative coordinates on “thumb” seek-bars were broken, many thanks to Robert Nio for reporting the issue and testing the fix.
  • FIX: We pulled the latest XBMC UPnP code, in hopes this would help with some problems reported on the forums. We also pulled a fix related to the sendkey HTTP-API command, and a few other fixes.

We’ve been taking Barkley more and more to the pool as he continues his recovery from his CCL injury. So far he’s doing great and is really happy to get in the water.

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  • Please add a search field for iTunes

  • Also can you add repeat, repeat 1 and shuffle, that would be really kewl.

  • Oh and gapless audio 😀

  • Found the Repeat, Repeat 1 and Shuffle :) this is a sweet app, you guys ROCK! Can you add support for HD music like 24/96 and 24/192?

  • All problems I had are fixed :) Tnx.
    Although it sometimes crash with some video’s (AVI’s), but so far I didn’t see any pattern.

    +1 for a search field for iTunes section.

  • I downloaded this version for the first time and it crashes constantly on my 10.5.7 MacBook Pro (2008). It seems to run fine if I click around the screen and modify settings, but as soon as I try to play a video it stops responding and I have to Force Quit.

    • @Wintermute: haven’t heard of this before, please head to the forums and paste a hang report in there and we’ll have a look.

  • @elan
    I’m on the same version macbookpro (2008 santa rosa) 10.5.7 and having similar problems. I’ve also had many videos stop playing in the middle but will work fine if played again. I only got a working video by deleting the auto updated version and grabbing a clean install from the site. The problem seems to happen a lot more often on lousy internet connections. I’ve noticed a couple problems with soft subtitles not showing up properly in this version also, but on a second play, or a restart it works fine. I haven’t seen any pattern at this point but I am up for testing some things.

    • @Ryan: Please head to the forums to discuss (what sorts of videos stop playing? does plex hang? can you post a hang report?) It sounds like part of the problem might be an issue with Sparkle/a mirror.

  • I hope you change back to the player from version 7.13(perfect).
    Never change a running System!! (:-)
    There is all perfect with HD 1080p. In fast forward and playing.
    All newer Versions and the current version have problems in fast forward and playing without artefacting…


  • I came here to see if my semi-high idle CPU usage was abnormal, but I see it isn’t.

    I totally understand that this is something that @elan would consider closed–on a fast system it’s negligible. But @Andreas has a good point about pausing the rendering. For example, when Plex is hidden could rendering the UI be paused?

    Here’s why this matters: Like a lot of Macmini media center users, I switch back and forth between Plex and EyeTV using Remote Buddy. So Plex sits hidden taking 18% of my 2.0GHz mini’s CPU, while the Mini struggles to record one 720p show while it plays another.

    If Mini’s were available with more horsepower, I’d get one, but meanwhile that 15% to 20% Plex is taking is a big hit.

    @elan any chance of a “pause UI rendering on hide” feature?

    Other than this little complaint of mine, Awesome, Awesome job. Plex is the best, and I have tried almost all the rest on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Any chance of getting closed caption functionality soon? My husband just built a whole DVR system with MythTV and Plex and if I can’t have my closed captions back soon, I will make him get rid of Plex and install something else. I have a hearing problem and need my captions.

  • Excellent, thanks love the software. Is there any plans to offer video acceleration too, although many of us use the Mac mini with Intel GMA950 so is it possible to use this GPU to improve video playback?

  • Guys I have been having issues with audio for the Netflix Plugin, can anyone suggest a quick fix or provide help in this case.


    • @Marc: Make sure you have “Link to system output” enabled in the audio settings, otherwise the WebKit audio won’t track the Plex output.

  • @elan: Link to system output is enabled, netflix is the only plugin that I don’t get sound from, the other apps play fine.

    • @Marc: Not sure what to recommend, sounds like it might be something Silverlight specific. The only thing I can recommend is making sure you have the latest version installed :(

  • 7.1 channel audio can’t be completely decode…I can only hear part of the full audio

    • @XAVO: That’s a tough one. I don’t have a receiver that can decode 7.1 audio, and I’m not even sure what else would need to be done.

  • It has been 2 months since the last release, and there are a lot of bugs in 0.8.1. What’s going on?

    • @odysseus Ithacan: We have a new release due out any day now, just putting the final touches to it.

  • Guys,

    When in File mode and Stacked Mode on, my DVD directories
    are not sorted correctly. Will this bug be fixed in the next release?

  • This is my first time using it on a 2G MAC Mini. I like the UI very much. It can decode 1080P TS! Thanks for your great work!

    A little regret, it can’t display Chinese subtitle correctly. All the characters show as a little square. Wish you could solve it soon.

  • good apps.

    want to have:
    – built in DVD player
    – different slide show in picture

  • I love PLEX, and have used it exclusively since switching to Mac for everything except for DVD playback. Could we please dive into brining back DVD Playback? It would be great to have a singe app to do the entire entertainment playback with. Great app, Great Work, keep up the good work!!

  • Love Plex but FYI This release seems to have broken both the xTV and xTV2 skins on my machine, they are no longer displaying any icons or graphics, and navigation is disabled. Also as someone above mentioned, flipping between fullscreen and not full screen results in a black screen (built in mediastream skin).

  • gah! I should have searched a bit more before I posted, I forgot to compile the xTV skin. Sigh…

  • We really need an update for snow leopard!

  • Yes, a Snow Leopard update is so a MUST!!! I really like Plex but it looks so bad since I updated my OS… :)

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