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05.16.09 11 Comments

As we fix some of the bugs that slipped into the first release of Plex/Eight, we thought we’d offer up some new content for you to enjoy. The very cool thing about this batch of plug-ins is that they have been created almost entirely by the Plex community!

First up is I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER written by Bart Dorsey, a plug-in that we’ve all been loving. It allows you to browse pictures from a huge selection of funny sites like the Fail Blog, Pundit Kitchen, and of course the eponymous site itself.


Next up, great for the kiddies, is Sesame Street. Written by Beowulfe, it gives you access to hundreds of short videos from years of the show.


Written by one of our most prolific plug-in authors, Gordon Johnston, Llewtube provides access to content from Robert Llewellyn’s Car Pool video blog. Robert (of Red Dwarf fame), has taken to driving around with interesting people and filming the whole thing.


Written by Brad Dolman, Tripleman is a photo blog from a Vancouver photographer.


This next plug-in, written by pygmalion (great job!), provides HD content from fxguide, which is a leading site covering visual effects in filmmaking. They’re all streamed at 720p, professionally produced, and have great content; for example, the most recent one features an interview with J.J. Abrams.


This was requested on the forums; the Bill Moyers Journal has lots of great content, including thought-provoking interviews and discussions.


Lastly, I tossed together a quick plug-in for Adam Carolla’s podcast.


Additionally, a few plug-ins were updated. Rick Fletcher finished a brilliant update to his Major League Baseball plug-in which now provides access to MLB.TV. Rick has really pushed the envelope with this plug-in, and we had to add some new Media Server features to make this plug-in work.


I also pushed a minor update to the NPR plug-in which provides much better metadata so that it looks better in the Now Playing window.


There are a lot more plug-ins in the works (some nearly done), so expect a new batch pushed to the App Store in the next few weeks.

One last note: The plug-in authors should check the released versions, as they may include minor changes or fixes.

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  • Thanks for the Sesame Street plug-in! I found it the other day in “unsupported” plug-ins and it’s pretty clutch for a two or three minute instant distraction for my young boys.

    Great work, all! Keep them coming!

  • Thanks! Great work as always!

  • My apple remote wont work with plex after the update. Suggestions?

    • @Jose: Toggle the helper off and on. In Preferences > Input Devices change to disabled and back to enabled.

  • @elan: I did that and it gave control back to OSX but when it was switched back to Plex, no control. The remote works outside of Plex

  • Please change the music background back to black. It is much more elegant than this ugly gray, plus it is too bright when the room is dark and you want to run music off plex. thanks!!!

  • Oh ya and can you bring back the browse feature for movies? It would be nice to browse movies by genre, decade, actor, director, studio, etc.

    BTW is there an xml file somewhere that can be edited to make graphical changes (icons, backgrounds, etc) easier in plex?

    Please add this ability so those that want to can easily make customizations.


  • Thanks for the Sesame Street plug-in. My little kid loves it :)

  • Can you guys PLEASE publish what you have so far in terms of plugin API documentation on the wiki? You’ve been perfecting it for weeks and I’ve been stuck waiting for something to materialize. :( It’s okay to publish something that’s in-progress, don’t you think?

    • @Steven: Sorry man, it is on the way, we’ve just had some higher priority things to deal with. The absolute best way to learn how to write a plug-in right now is to look at existing ones (it’s easy! it’s fun!). But there will be official documentation coming soon.

  • These are great. Does anyone know if I can install a plug in that allows me to switch videos and movies while the other movie plays in the background. In other words can I look through my library while simultaneously watching a movie or show?

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