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04.24.09 20 Comments

We can’t help it, writing plug-ins is addictive. Here are a bunch of new ones to keep you happy and entertained in front of your TV. A step closer to killing cable?

Charlie Rose has thousands of hours of interviews with highly interesting people. Everyone from J.J. Abrams to Sean Penn to Yo-Yo Ma has been on his show.


The Comedy Central plug-in, written by Scott, provides lots of stand up comedy, roasts, and episodes from shows on that channel.


This next one was requested on the forums, and was quite simple to code. There is a ton of great news content on here for fans of the New York Times.


Written by Gordon Johnston, who’s been kicking some serious ass, the NBC plug-in offers hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of programming, from old-school shows like the A-Team to the latest season of ER.


This last one is my favorite, being that I’m a big fan of indie music. Recommended if you like the Pitchfork Media plug-in, the site has lots of great up and coming artists.

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  • Awesome work as usual guys. Glad to see thesixtyone on there. Strange that I just returned to it earlier today after about a year, forgot how cool it was.

  • thesixtyone plugin gives you the exact same music experience like the iTunes one, but with content streaming from the website. This is really awesome! Great job guys

  • You guys rock! SO awesome!

  • hey, you might want to add the name of the plug-in in that last description. i’m not familiar with “The Sixty One” and had to hover my mouse over the site link to figure out what you were referring to. i see now “The Sixth One Hot Right Now” in the screenshot but that meant nothing to me before i determined what the site/plug-in was.

  • Nizzeeee!

  • I love the possibility to watch different shows through Plex, but could you do something about the fact that if your for instance install the Daily Show app/plug-in, and you live in another country, that there would not be the option to download it. Because as it is now it is worthless to me, it only says: “Sorry. Full episodes of The Daily Show are not available in your area”. Quite dull to first gladly install it and then have to read that.

    I live in Sweden. It is sad that the World Wide Web actually more often means USA Wide Web.

    • @Jorgen: We’re adding support for regionalization of apps displayed in the store, should be available rather shortly.

  • can we put somewhere in the plugin description, which services work where – for instance most of the american plugins like mtv, hulu, southpark and so on don’t work outside of america.

    4oD doesn’t work outside the UK (i think that one is marked).

    netflix requires a subscription, and so on….

    otherwise its download plugin, try it, uninstall when it doesn’t work.

  • Could plugins that have been downloaded from the app store disappear from the list of available plugins. When a user deletes the plugin, it could show up in the app store again.

  • This is quite offtopic, but am I the only one who can´t get “randomize” to work in picture slideshows?

    I set it to randomize in the menu, but when I start a slideshow it isn´t randomized and when I then check the “randomize” setting it is no longer lit…

    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Way to go and perfect. Unfortunately a lot of plugins don’t work in europe, especially Germany and France

    Wouldn’t it be fun to have the Macintosh-Ads (also available in HD-quality) to watch through PLEX?

    • @MacWorker: There are definitely a lot of International plug-ins in the pipeline and available today, and we’re working on getting them in the App Store.

  • It would be great to have more international plug-ins. Up to now there are mostly US and UK-plugins.

    Also – there are some good plug-ins coming from everywhere. A lot of it doesn’t appear in the AppStore.

    How about an SkinStore just like the AppStore.

  • Sorry for the off topic comment. I just picking the most recent entry. :)

    Is there anyway to move the plex library to an external HDD so that plex installations on multiple machines can read from the same library when the disk is available?

    Here’s the scenario. I have a multi room setup, and more than one macs. Movies are stored on more than one external drives. A dedicated mac mini hooked up to the main home theater. Works great. Simply beautiful!. But when i want to want to watch a movie in the bedroom TV, I just grab one of the drives and hook it up to a laptop and fire up Plex. but i have to re-build the library again. is there anyway i can centralize the library? or any other alternative?

    also, would be wonderful if i can organize by media type. just like genre. example: HD and SD Movies. right now i have it in a different folder on the drive and added a new source. and get there from ‘files’ > ‘FolderName’. not a huge deal though.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
    For the amazing work you guys have done.

  • oh I guess i could do a symlink. will that work?

  • @matts: I think you want to move towards a network attached storage (NAS) environment. With this you can centralize the storage and make it accessible to all your macs. No need to move external drives all over the place.

    If you can not do NAS then I think you might be on the right track with symlinking the library location to the external drive but you will need to do this on each mac so they all look to the external drive for the db.

  • How is it that these plugins are written?

    I often visit this website:

    I would love if I could access it through Plex. Same with and Can I write this plugin on my own?

  • Hi there,

    Thank you so much for developing the Charlie Rose applicaion for Plex.
    This is exactly what I have been looking forward to (and many other users no doubt).

    One feature request that I consider very important: the possibility to view the shows by schedule, as per the official website. I’d want to be able to enter the app and see a list of days, clicking on a day would list the various episodes with a brief description of guests and content.

    This is absolutely paramount, as so much of his content is very topical, and I love to be able to skim the most recent shows to see which one I’ll watch.

    Thanks in advance!

  • The nbc plugin seems to be interesting, but I can`t use it here in Brazil…

  • Hi there,

    I think the structure of the Charlie Rose website has changed. I’m afraid I haven’t been able to figure out how to update the plugin to allow it to work again. Any chance someone could either update or show me how? I’m living overseas, and I would really like to be able to watch those interviews again.

    Some older clips still work, but almost all the new clips give an error saying the stream cant be played. I think they switched media players on the site?

    Thanks in advance for any info!

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