Netflix has never looked this good

04.08.09 79 Comments

A lot of people have been asking for this, and now your wish has been granted: Netflix on Plex. Tens of thousands of instantly playable movies, and a gorgeous interface with fanart, high resolution posters and rich metadata.

Major props to Scott for doing a brilliant job with this plug-in. He’s already hard at work at the next version.

The Netflix plug-in requires the latest version of Plex.

You also need the Silverlight plug-in installed.



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  • This post is over 4 years old, a lot of things have changed! The Netflix channel is not really stable, thanks to Silverlight :( It will just not work on some servers/clients. The Plex Netflix channel is also only available for the US version of Netflix.

  • Netflix plugin has been broken for a few weeks now to what looks to both Silverlight (Mac) and Plex Media Server (Mac) upgrades. Does not work on Mac Plex app or Plex/Web; however direct access to Netflix URL does. @elan, Is anyone working on correcting this very popular channel?

  • Netflix on a Mac Plex plugin is not working for the current version of Plex and Silverlight on my Mac Mini and it looks as others have similar problems.

  • Am I correct to assume this no longer exists?

    • @Brent ~ Netflix no longer supports an API.

  • Netflix just gets worse and worse. Am I right? I’m wondering why I keep sending them 8 bucks a month.

  • Would someone at Plex please update the information on this?! It’s basically false advertising to have this outdated info floating around!

    To my chagrin, just two days after installing Plex I’m discovering that one of the reasons I did so is outdated information! Apparently Plex doesn’t give you a great presentation of Netflix on home TV – at least it doesn’t in 2014.

    One reason I installed Plex was that I hoped it would offer a better job with Netflix than the Roku app does on my Roku 2XS. I thought I’d improve my Netflix experience on TV (connected via Roku) by simply installing Plex and using the Plex Netflix app instead of Roku’s native Netflix app. Wrong. According to what I’ve read here, Netflix not supported on Plex any more!

    • @Alan ~ sorry about that! This blog post is from 2009, but it’s a good point, we should edit to clarify.

  • I also installed Plex with the understanding it would support Netflix with a Raspberry Pi client. Are there any plans to support Netflix in the near future or do I need to look for a different solution?

    • @Gabe: Not sure where you got that understanding from, but it’s entirely incorrect. We have no plans to support Netflix.

  • I got that understanding from your website ( It mentions Netflix as something that can be streamed from the internet.

  • Netflix app is broken on all Samsung TV’s after they’ve updated their crappy operating system (automatically done!). I saw Plex App in my Samsung app hub, will it work the same way the native netflix app used to work? Please advise. Thanks a bunch

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