• awesome! now, what about improved music player and dvd support 😛

  • Couldn’t get it to work, then I realized silverlight is required. Installing now…

  • @ben: Trust me, we’re working on it! I’m having a set of 6 metal prosthetic arms implanted next Friday (think Doc Oc, but less creepy), and I think that may help…

  • Wow thanks for this. When I run the app it stays stuck on Opening Stream. Any thoughts?

  • Sorry, I forgot to mention Silverlight is required; that could be your problem, Andre.

  • That was it! Thanks a million. Now I won’t have to leave Plex all month. If I can only get NBA Broadband then I will be in b-ball heaven with Plex.

  • Oh man this looks awesome! Can’t get it to work though :(
    Guess they blackout Europe??

  • Wow! I love plex even more right now. I’m such a huge NCAA March Madness nut. I’m however experiencing one problem with version 7 and specifically with apps. I have a two sound card setup, the built-in and a USB. I use the USB for non plex stuff I have an iMac in the kitchen so I like to lisen to music in there with speakers connected to the USB sound card. I set Plex to play through the built-in which is connected via optical to my receiver in the living room…this works accept for apps and system sounds as well as tv themes. For some reason those sounds play through the USB sound card. If I set link system audio then all sounds is played through the built-in but it changes my default sound device in mac preferences and doesn’t change it back after I quick plex. So I have to go and change it back to USB in mac pref after I quit plex if I want sound in my kitchen. I never had any of these issues with version 5 all sounds played through the built-in and it never changed my mac default sound card.

    I haven’t been using apps too much because of this problem..I tired again tonight with 0.7.13 and the ncaa app to see if anything had changed but the sound is still coming through my kitchen speakers.

    Sorry for the long post on this blog…I have posted this in the forms but it seemed to get dropped.

    Maybe this is specific to my setup, if so perhaps I could run a script so that when Plex quits it always sets my mac sound card back to USB?

    If there’s anything I can do on my end to help…please let me know.

  • @goose: If you go into Preferences > System > Audio and enable “Link System Output” then all the sounds will play through the device you select in Plex.

  • @elan: Thanks for the quick reply! Yes that does work but it changes my default Sound Output Device under System Preferences > Sound. I keep it set to my USB device so I can listen to itunes in my kitchen when I’m not using Plex. So if I leave “Link System Output” turned on everytime I leave plex I have to go back to System Preferences > Sound and change it back to USB because the “Link System Output” changes it to Built-in Output

  • @goose: I guess what’s probably needed is for Plex to remember the system output setting, and then reset it when exiting. If you agree, please file a bug to join its brethren at http://plexapp.lighthouseapp.com/projects/15067-plex-seven/milestones/current :)

  • @elan: I agree, thanks I’ll file the bug.

  • Just wanted to let you know that the “Release Notes” link on the main page by the download still points to the release notes for 0.7.8. Thought you might want to let the curious folks know about all the new features…

  • Just for everyone’s information; this did work perfectly when I tested it here in Norway, so chances are good there are no regional restrictions :)

  • Works outside of USA indeed. Belgium = ok 😉

  • Will thins plugin work with XBMC for Xbox ?

  • This is awesome! I just downloaded Plex the other day but hadn’t used it. Working from home and want to watch the KU game on my iMac while I work on my PC. I looked at one of yesterday’s game but the quality was very poor. I have a very very fast Internet connection. Can anyone point me in the direction of how to adjust the preferences – I tried and don’t understand what I should set them for to get the best picture on a 24″ iMAc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really want to have the game on in the background while I work.

  • were do you download the plugin from i cant find the plugin download

  • Is there a way to change the quality of the stream you are downloading to BEST? mine seems to be in the lower quality version.

    • @Daryl: Not from inside Plex, but I might recommend loading it up in Safari and setting the quality there. It’s possible that it’s remembered via cookies.

  • Fantastic update! I haven’t checked on the status of Plex for weeks and this new stuff is just amazing!

    I’ve been trying and trying to get the plugins from the App Store to work, but nothing seems to work :/ not Hulu, MTV, South Park, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show…

    I’ve installed Silverlight, and I tried rebooting — did I miss anything?

    • Thanks for the kind words, and sorry to hear you’re having trouble, consider heading to the forums to get some friendly help. The only thing I know offhand is causing trouble is GlimmerBlocker for some people. If you do have any input managers installed, try disabling them and see if that helps.

  • It was GlimmerBlocker, thanks for everything Elan!

  • Excellent idea for a plug-in! Thanks guys!

  • works in sweden too! good job!

  • Having just been introduced to Plex, I find it awesome.

    There needs to be an EyeTV plugin considered for development, then not only can we get the stuff off the web, but also any Free-to-Air HD Digital TV services.

  • Grade A stuff. I’m uqnuesoitnably in your debt.

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