Archives March 2009

Weekend Plug-in Extravaganza

03.14.09 22 Comments

We look forward to getting more coverage for our international users, and are happy to provide help to developers, since many times we don't have access to the foreign content (silly media providers).

...Next up, for you Baseball fans, we have a MLB plug-in created by Rick Fletcher, who even put it up on Github, which we absolutely encourage people to do.

Release 0.7.13: Improvements to the Media Server

03.10.09 27 Comments

We’ve got lots of things “cooking” but we wanted to make a quick release (download here) to fix Hulu as well as provide some important enhancements to the media server. FIX: Hulu playback was broken when the site exploited a bug in our code, which has now been fixed. NEW: Support for variably-sized Flash/Silverlight content (and also for sizes changing on the fly). You can now specify negative values in the site configuration for cropping, mouse operations, and in seekbars.…

Something to brighten your weekend

03.06.09 12 Comments

We have lots of interesting plug-ins in the works, but this one is kind of special. After all, who doesn’t love Pandora? Scott, who never ceases to amaze me with his plug-in writing prowess, whipped this lovely gem up. It still has a few rough edges, such as the need to log into Pandora with Safari, but we couldn’t resist releasing it early for you to play with. You’ll note that the last menu item at the top level is…

Hulu is not working at the moment

03.06.09 10 Comments

After a few days of working perfectly, they’ve deployed new countermeasures against us. We’re looking into it and are working on a fix. This cat and mouse isn’t benefitting anyone. The final thing I’ll say is that there is a ton of other content available on Plex via Joost and other plug-ins, and there will continue to be more and more as time goes on.

App Store: Politics and Indie Rock

03.05.09 8 Comments

There’s some new stuff for you to enjoy in the Plex App Store today. First of all, we have a plug-in for the popular Daily Kos site. If progressive politics if your thing, you’ll likely enjoy this one. If you prefer to get your politics directly from the White House, Chris Tarczon (author of the popular IGN plug-in) wrote a plug-in which gives you access to Obama’s weekly addresses (in HD!) and other White House content. And for those of…

Release 0.7.12: Knight to Bishop 3

03.03.09 10 Comments

A couple of fixes in this one, which you can download here. FIX: Silly regression which resulted in you being left in an empty directory after installing from the app store (and a few other cases). FIX: Improved compatibility with certain Flash sites. Here’s Barkley pondering the perennial question: To Eat or Not to Eat?

App Store Updates: New and updated plug-ins

03.02.09 8 Comments

Just in time to distract you at the start of your work week, we have a bunch of new content available from the App Store. James added Academic Earth, a brilliant site with thousands of lectures from the best professors in the world. This one was requested in the forums. We received a submission for an IGN plug-in from Chris Tarczon. Chris obviously “gets” our framework and did a great job with it. There is a ton of gaming-related content…

Release 0.7.11: Fixes and Improved User Experience

03.01.09 14 Comments

Lots of good stuff fixed in this release, and we’re happy to bring it to you. You can download this release here. FIX: Crashes in Plex Media Server with Safari Adblocker and other similar plug-ins. FIX: Pulled a fix from XBMC for variable framerate FLV files (important for a new plug-in). FIX: Crashes in Apple Movie Trailers with 5.1 audio (integrated Ryan’s excellent audio fixes). FIX: Some of the menu shortcuts were broken (thanks to migueld for pointing this out).…