Version 0.7.10: Hulu-licious

02.26.09 19 Comments

We just pushed a new release out which improves compatibility with some Flash sites, and to go along with it, Scott prepared a new version of the Hulu plug-in with some nice enhancements, including more fanart, better thumbnails, flattened movie hierarchy, and more results returned for specific shows.

Besides the known issue of the Plex Media Server not working with Safari Adblocker, if a plug-in stops working, it’s likely that the structure of the site changed. This doesn’t happen very frequently with most sites, but it’s a definite possibility. When this occurs, an entity we call the “Campfire Robot” springs into action automatically and tracks us down to let us know, and shortly thereafter we can push an update.

As such, if a site stops working, the best thing to do is to check the App Store for updates. If you have automatic updates turned on, check your install history to see if an update got installed while you were getting coffee.

To answer your question, no, we rarely sleep.



Here’s another of Barkley and Anna from the San Francisco series:

40D-12608 (2).jpg

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  • Great work guys.

    Hopefully updating / maintaining all these plug-ins doesn’t continue to require so much of the team’s time!

  • @zakharm: To be honest, the most sleep I’ve personally lost has been staying up past my bedtime writing *new* plug-ins :)

  • The applications menu still doesn’t show up at all for me yet everything else works, photos, itunes, etc.

  • So I just tried watching some Hulu, found some problems I was coming here to report, only to see an update to fix said problems!

    I’m loving the stream of updates! Every micro-release just makes Plex better and better.

  • I’m still having some major problems with flash video in the plug-ins. Any time I try to play video in a plug-in that uses flash video, Plex Media Server crashes.
    You mention something about Safari Adblock, so I disabled it, and still have the problem.
    It’s never worked on my system, so I don’t know what to do.

  • @Ron P: The vast majority of the people having problems find that it’s related to Safari plug-ins. Try moving them all away for now, and accept our apologies for the trouble, it’s on the list of things we’re looking at.

  • @Ron P look in /Library/InputManagers for any other plugins there…

  • i dont see a link to update to 7.10

    also…i havent tried yet…but is there a way to hide your location for using the plex plugins? i am from the USA, but living overseas for a few years…and in order to view hulu and such you need to be in the USA.

  • Nice work it’s only a pity that hulu doesn’t work in the Netherlands….

  • Plugins rule, it’s shame the cool stuff is US only. How long can they keep that up…

  • Great works guys. Please keep pumping out updates!

  • Matt> You can use a VPS for less than $7/month and use it as a private proxy (among other services…):

    Elan> Great! Still no need for plugins mirroring?
    Will be glad to help…!

  • has anyone else noticed that the auto-update download is incredibly slow?

    i was getting something like 2kbps downloading 079 via sparkle.

    http download of 0710 is going about about 600kbps.

  • A possible solution for folks who can’t get Hulu to work:

    I was never able to get Hulu to work even after removing all plugins from my */Library/Internet Plugins folders. Then I remembered ClickToFlash. Uninstalling ClickToFlash worked like a charm!

    Apparently even though I’d put Hulu in ClickToFlash’s whitelist, it was causing some sort of interference with the Media Server. I might try installing the latest version of CtF and seeing if I can whitelist the Media Server itself; maybe that will help. ‘Cause choosing between CtF and Plex is not an easy thing.

    Anyway, maybe the devs have some brilliant idea about how to solve this problem.

  • We’ll be resolving the issue with Safari plug-ins shortly.

  • @sej7278

    Sparkle is on the same round robin system as the manual website downloads, we try and disable slow mirrors but it’s not always possible. As you noted most of our mirrors are really fast and will provide 500K+ downloads but sometimes one gets swamped.

  • Hi I’m having an odd issue with Hulu, audio plays but the video does not. Strangest thing is that it happens both on my mini and my macbook. Ted works though.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • @Rich: Audio with no video means that Hulu has changed their site around. Expect an update shortly :)

  • Thanks Elan. You’re the man!

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