New Plug-in: National Public Radio

02.24.09 15 Comments

As if you really needed a reason to upgrade to the latest version of Plex out today, but just in case, I’ll give you one: You’ll be able to run the new NPR plug-in. I picture our users as being a cultured, sophisticated bunch, so hopefully you’ll enjoy this one.

So run, don’t walk, to install the latest update and then head over to the App Store to pick up the NPR plug-in.


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  • I think you guys totally undercut yourselves. Last release (0.7.8) should totally have been an 0.8 release. The work you guys did on the AppStore totally warrants that!

    This should have been a 0.8.1 maintenance release :)

    Great coding work guys! Keep it up for all us here on the interwebs that rely on you!

  • Great! I always miss my favorite show (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” but now I can just catch it through plex. Suburb!

  • Agreed. This dicking around with sub 1.0 version numbers is just playing up your own insecurities. Skip 0.8 altogether and make the next release 1.0. Man up!

  • I think the the team need to polish up the interface and user-friendlyness before releasing 1.0

  • Kudos on the NPR plugin guys, thanks!

  • There is still a lot of producible bugs in stacking and scraping, most of it occurs if you don’t update Plex chronologically. They still have to iron that out first, at least to get a stable 1.0 release. But I agree, last 0.7.8 should have been 0.8

  • You may have just cost DirecTV a subscriber. We’ve been leaning that way for a while, but this thing rocks!

    Well done!

  • OK. After having to completely flush out all old databases and files and then try finding my way through all the millions of settings strewn EVERYWHERE, I tend to agree.

    The number one priority for 1.0 should be to:

    a) Ship with sensible defaults
    b) Ask the user where they store their Movies, TV Shows and configure with minimal fuss
    c) Get as much preferences they can elsewhere (regional setting from the system’s international settings for example)
    d) Remove all hard-to-understand settings and banish them to an external “Advanced Settings” app for tinkerers and geeks.
    e) Consolidate all settings into a sensible easy to navigate place

    Here’s a hint to begin with: The end user do not care what settings pertain to the skin, and which pertain to the app proper. For them it is all ONE app. Treat it as such.

    I know you strive towards Apple simplicity, and I applaud you for that. It is also what converted me over to Plex from boxee in the first place.

    You will have to face the vocal minority of forum posting geeks that want to tweak every little gizmo as they are used to from XMBD and absolutely HATE CHANGE. I know it’s a balance issue and that the path of least resistance is to avoid change and angry forum posters.

    Please resist that. There is a vast userbase who WANT a simple easy-to-use media center solution that Just Works™. Be that media center! Be Front Row with extensibility, better organisation and internet content!

  • I’m with Erik. Even though I like to tinker occasionally, I’d much rather be watching movies & tv shows, so a straight-forward app is more appealing, with an advanced settings ability.

    That said, I love Plex and I think you are all doing fantastic work. Keep it up!

    PS – Do you think we could get a plug-in for

  • @Erik: I couldn’t agree with you more. We have that and lots more on the list for 1.0 :-)

    @Mickey: Well, you did ask nicely.

  • Great progress guys! Is any work currently being done to create an iPlayer app or do i need to make it myself!?

  • @Oli: It’s being worked on as we speak :-)

  • I agree with Erik. I think the view-options should be “turn-off-able” since my seven year old daughter don’t really need those options and she often opens that menu by mistake.

  • Thanks to Plex being so awesome, Dish network has one less customer now. I took about half the money I was paying them and quadrupled my internet speed, money well spent I’d say.

    Any chance someone can make a Netflix plugin? Please :)


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