Archives February 2009

Version 0.7.10: Hulu-licious

02.26.09 19 Comments

We just pushed a new release out which improves compatibility with some Flash sites, and to go along with it, Scott prepared a new version of the Hulu plug-in with some nice enhancements, including more fanart, better thumbnails, flattened movie hierarchy, and more results returned for specific shows. Besides the known issue of the Plex Media Server not working with Safari Adblocker, if a plug-in stops working, it’s likely that the structure of the site changed. This doesn’t happen very…

New Plug-in: National Public Radio

02.24.09 15 Comments

As if you really needed a reason to upgrade to the latest version of Plex out today, but just in case, I’ll give you one: You’ll be able to run the new NPR plug-in. I picture our users as being a cultured, sophisticated bunch, so hopefully you’ll enjoy this one. So run, don’t walk, to install the latest update and then head over to the App Store to pick up the NPR plug-in.

Release 0.7.9: A few goodies

02.24.09 10 Comments

We’re really happy to see that people seem to be enjoying the store. We’ve had tens of thousands of plug-ins downloaded already, and we have a bunch of new ones in the works! In the meantime, we’ve cooked up another quick release to try to fix the most egregious issues with the last one. FIX: Fixed permissions on the Plex binary to allow non-administrative users to run. FIX: Tweaks to the skin for upcoming Plug-ins. FIX: Some crashes and leaks…

Joost and AppStore updates

02.23.09 6 Comments

We figured that you might not have quite enough content yet to keep you busy watching and out of the forums filing pesky bugs. Luckily, Scott has been on a skiing vacation, and a few evenings ago he drank a bit too much at an Après-ski, then went home and wrote the Joost plug-in. We hope you enjoy it, there is a ton of content on there. Seeking doesn’t work yet but it should be an easy fix. James also…

The First Third Party Plug-in

02.22.09 8 Comments

Less than 24 hours after we launched, we received the first third-party plug-in submission, from the very talented photographer Jasper van der Meij. It’s really impressive, because he figured it all out just from looking at existing plug-ins, and even added his own nicely designed artwork. If you’re looking to write your own plug-in, have a look at the installed ones in ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins. If you’re writing a plug-in that works with a Flash or Silverlight site, you’ll…

Release 0.7.8: Brave New World

02.21.09 55 Comments

I could present the usual release notes, talk about the CoreAudio crash on startup that’s been fixed, the Mira/Sofacontrol changes (thanks marklight!), mention the TV/Movies keymap issue that was fixed, explain that the region link to weather settings is now fixed, and that NFO files no longer cause scraping issues. But honestly, I’d rather talk about something else. This release, one innocent little point difference from the last, has the biggest new Plex feature ever. I’m not just gushing hyperbole…

Release: Plex/Seven 0.7.7 – A Few Small Repairs

02.08.09 18 Comments

As much as we try to ensure the quality of every release, there can always be some gremlins that sneak in, which is why it’s important to make it extremely easy to make new releases. After all, there’s a lot of stuff happening between writing a line of code and getting that code into your living rooms. Luckily, we have a few scripts written, and there are really only a few simple steps: The first script builds a release, tags…

The Plex System Reporter

A one-click method to gather up information about your Plex configuration and submit it to us online? A great tool to help us diagnose and solve your problems with the application? Written in Cocoa? Auto-updating? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Head over to James’ blog post as he introduces the new Plex System Reporter tool, and download it for yourself.