Release: Plex/Seven 0.7.5: Five juicy fixes, and a partridge in a pear tree

12.26.08 34 Comments

Hope you’ve all been having fun holiday celebrations! I’ve been drinking heavily and obsessively fixing bugs in Plex, and finding that the two activities mix well.

  • FIX: The audio dropout issue which was introduced in 0.7.2 should now be fixed.
  • FIX: The corrupted German MediaStream strings.
  • FIX: File size reporting bug in HTTP API has really been fixed this time.
  • FIX: Some tweaks to “album artist” tags in Plex Media Server iTunes module. Thanks to zanex for helping explain what was wrong.
  • FIX: Certain videos (FLV, YouTube, 22KHz MP3 tracks) played back at double-speed. Thanks to Ryan for explaining how to fix this one.

Release is here, and source is here.

This is Barkley on one of the first days after we moved to Maui.

40D-5412 (1).jpg

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  • barkley is such a cutie

  • Hello.

    I would like to ask whether the developers are aware of problems with vobsub subtitles: most of the time the subtitles are rendered on top of each other (ie without clearing the previous ones) and for all languages at the same time, sometimes they just freeze Plex (onscreen message: buffering), and then a “force quit” is the only way out. I could not determine a pattern for the freezes.

  • pretty sure they know about it .. been lots of forum posts about it .. its a known issue with xbmc as far as i’ve read .. surprised its been a “bug” for so long though

  • Hi,
    i have a Problem with the visulation in the Version 7.5, i want to change the Option, that enables visulation when a song is selected to be played. When I select no visulation it always comes the player, and i have to go to the paylist and then to get out to the menu.
    Then there ist he Problem that the Screensaver comes after 12sec, automaticly if a mp3 Song is played. I want to change this Preferences, but there is no Option to do that. Can you help me please?

    And i’am still waiting for the fully Support of Blue-Rays with Menu. Is there a cance to get this Option such as it is made with the DVD- Support?

    greetings spacemessage

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