Release: Plex/Seven 0.7.4 – Christmas Eve Cheer

12.24.08 17 Comments

It turns out there was a nasty regression in 0.7.3 with videos not playing smoothly, so I thought I’d take the time to release an update, especially since otherwise I’d be trapped decorating Christmas trees, carving hams, or wrapping presents. Here are the changes:

  • FIX: Regression causing glitchy playback of videos.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug present since the start of the Plex/Seven series where music playback was oddly broken, and skipping tracks only worked some of the time (thanks to cheekyboy for the detailed report!).
  • FIX: Fixed another regression relating to photo downloading over the network.
  • FIX: Minor fix to the way we format file sizes over the HTTP API (thanks to thedroid).

Release is here (or via Sparkle) and source is here.

OK, now can I go drink lots of eggnog and make merry? Oh right, not until I add a photo of Barkley. This is him, as a teenager, back in Fullerton, CA.

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  • Thank you for your dedication!

  • Awesome, grabbing now. I realize before I said I would seed, but I haven’t seen torrents for the newer releases, which makes providing bw a bit challenging. ;-/

  • Cheers Elan have a Merry Christmas!

    I noticed a few random audio dropouts on AC3/DTS on 0.73 which aren’t present in 0.71 so im hoping this fixes it. If not i’ll put a bug report on the forums.

    Take it easy… all the best!

  • Merry Christmas, and thanks for all your hard work!

    Now, hopefully apple releases a new mini in January, so that I can take advantage of this project!

  • I was also wondering why there are not torrents for the new releases. The only thing that I can figure is that you are trying to get some statistics on the downloads.

  • i’m still having trouble with Harmony Remote, using the Plex setting… when i’m in my Library, say… “Watch your Movies” and i select one of movies from my list, when i press Menu to go back to my Library, it brings up a Menu screen instead returning back… and none of the buttons make it go back.. anone else have this issue?? If you can make sense of what i wrote!!

    thanks a lot for any input guys, and girls…

  • I’m still having trouble with playing videos. Stuttering is still there after upgrade via sparkle.

  • @Merrin: Yeah, I noticed the same thing. A bit confused, I made a change, people confirmed that it fixed the problem, but now the problem seems to remain. I’ll have to look into it more when I sober up!

  • Thanks elan and a mary christmas for you!

  • @Mastiff: yeah i’m looking forward to a new mini also to setup a dedicated htpc (or if i don’t get a new mini i’ll prolly pick up a old mini at the new discounted rates .. heheh) .. the only problem i see with the new mini’s is that i’m assuming that apple will ship the new mini’s with a mini-display port and at the moment there is still no mini-dp to hdmi cable .. is promising one next month but we’ll see

  • Thank You!

  • Merry Christmas for you and the Plex team! Like many others, I am also very grateful for this awesome application.

    BTW: same here with 0.7.4 video playback. But first: enjoy!

  • what type of movie file are you guys having issues with ?? i tried a SD avi file earlier and for the 10 minutes i watched it didn’t see a problem .. i’ll test more video files (both SD and 720p HD files) later to see if i also have issues

  • Whaoouh 3 releases in 2 days, you are trying to test your new set of mirrors, aren’t you? :-)

  • I just want to wish you a merry christmas and happy new year. Thank you so much for a wonderful program and your continued dedication. I’ve been using Plex most happily since its release (I’d been waiting for something like it for some time previous) and have pushed it and wowed friends as much as possible. I think it has single-handedly made people buy macs ; )

    PS No problems and all pleasure for my leisure

  • Thanks a lot for this, Plex is my player of choice too.

    With this version I also noticed audio dropouts or video frame skips on 720p H264+AC3 material which did not occur with 0.5.22, where playback was flawless.

    Also, a number of fonts for subtitles (eg #GungSeo) don’t display anymore. The funny thing is that they did display just fine with 0.7.4 (and of course with 0.5.22) till I trashed my ~/Library/Application Support/Plex and restarted…

  • @pippo: The audio dropouts will be fixed in the next version, to be released today.

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