Happy Thanksgiving!

11.27.08 8 Comments

I’ve got my brother and his wife in town for the next week, so I’m afraid that I won’t have much time for Plex, but I wanted to take a moment and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here on the Plex team (for those of you who celebrate it). We appreciate all your kind words and support, and we hope you’re spending some quality time with your families and eating lots of good food! (If anything, think of us when you’re stuffed with dinner, have some wine in your belly, and sit down in front of the TV to watch a movie with Plex.)

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  • Happy thanksgiving! But please spare us from more pictures of that 4-legged creature (dog).

  • I think of you every night when I’m in front of Plex 😉

    Happy American holiday 😉

  • We don’t celebrate thanksgiving here in Sweden but we do love Plex and I wanna wish you a happy thanksgiving.

    @Martin: How can you say that about Barkley, obviously you’re not a real fan of Plex. :)

  • I read this blog for the photos of Barkley..:D

  • Happy Thanksgiving elan and the plex team.
    One of the best parts of my thanksgiving night was where I get to impress the house full of people with plex with mediastream and my mac mini. This time last year I had a old skool xbox with xbmc and some avi’s to my 50″ plazzy…now we’re kicking it in HD scaring the $%*# outta the kiddies and grandma. Thanks team.

  • I installed plex 7.1 for the first time yesterday, being a long time htpc guy (done dev for freevo, mce xp, mce vista, mythtv and xbmc over the years) it totally blew me away. The fan art, tv theme music and overall style just make this amazing. Really impressed, and looking forward to putting together some plugins.

  • oops I am late :(

    Happy Thanksgiving Elan and everyone celebrating it!

    I make a toast to all the things done on Plex!

  • Just a tip: Can you make blog.plexapp.com redirect to elan.plexapp.com? I automatically type that in when I want to go here.

    (Bookmarks? What bookmarks?)

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