Release: Plex/Seven 0.7.0

11.16.08 59 Comments

I feel like I cheated you all, because we promised a release today and it’s taken us until now to fix some last minute issues and package everything up. Technically, it’s still Nov 16th, but I do realize that it will be Nov 17th for almost everyone else on the planet! My sincere apologies.
Without further ado, then, we’d like to present to you the first release of the Plex/Seven series. You know what’s in it, come take it for a spin. A few notes:

  • Delete or move aside your old Application Support/Plex folder. Too many settings and other things have changed. Yes, you’ll have to rescan everything, but look on the bright side, you’ll get TV Theme music and the latest Fan Art. I recommend renaming the folder so that you can easily jump back to Plex/Five if you need to.
  • There are bugs. This is the first release of a new development series. Some things that used to work are quite likely broken. Remember, the Plex/Five series (soon to be bug-fixed into the Plex/Six stable series) underwent 22 releases to reach the level of stability it’s currently at.
  • Come join the forums. From the number of hits we’re getting to the Sparkle AppCast, we think we have quite a few users who aren’t forum members. We’d like to invite you to join, either for friendly support or simply for the great Pet Photos.

Last, but not least, I personally want to thank the entire Plex Team and community. The developers (Enrique, Isaac (yes, he’s coding!), James, Ryan and myself) are congealing into a seriously productive tight-knit team; it’s awesome working with you guys. The Plex testers (Miguel, Shaun, Mark M, Phunky, Mark D, Danny, and all the others) have worked hard to get the kinks out, and we really appreciate all the help. Alexis has been improving the Plex icon, tweaking the DMG art, improving the wiki look and feel, designing merchandise, and we’re very lucky to have someone so talented on the team. Jay has been working incredibly hard writing documentation to be ready for the release (an open source project with documentation???). Ben, Scott, Mike B, it’s awesome having you guys always around and willing to lend a hand. The community is brilliant, thank you all for being so friendly and supportive to our new and existing users.

And of course a special thanks to Cayce for providing the funding, bandwidth, and server to allow us to host all of the different Plex web locations.

Here it is: HTTP, Source. Enjoy!

This is Barkley at dusk with his friend Manu.

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  • @Skywalker
    Here’s some info on H.264 speed boost

  • Schweet, seeding on gigE. (:

  • Hey hi,
    it seems like since the update (which is awesome actually), the temperature in the weather page is now showing in Farenheit instead of Celcius as better. How can I change it ? (My region is set to Canada)

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work guys, you truely got the best media center app in your hands :)

  • Oh thanks a lot :)

  • Actually my only issue is the F/C one. Region was already set to Canada before, and it still is. Maybe the skin changed and they decided that Canada was using US system altogether, which is wrong (Quebec anyone ?). This could be made available as an option, even in the .xml file, I wouldn’t mind :)

  • Hey Guys!!! Loving then new theme music..
    Quick Question and I’m a slight novice.
    I created an advancedsettings.xml fil inside od the userdata folder. It contains the following:


    However I still get the *All Seasons option when viewing a show with more than one Season.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks to the team!!!

  • I know its more a skin thing and not a osxbm…Plex thing but I’ve been using MediaStream since it came out giving up my then beloved AEON. However since then I’ve been unable to get my categories to work from the main screen anymore. You know;

    TV Shows
    and lets face it

    what am I missing? how do I get my sources.xml to point to my p0rn and display smutty fanart?

  • Elan & the Plex team! You guys rock…Plex has made my HTPC on my Mac Mini come alive. Apple has sold a lot of mac minis because of you guys. Keep up the great work.

  • Plex rocks, but I am a little disappointed by the disappearance of a lot of settings. In particular, I miss the ‘disable add source button’, always seeing Add Source is driving me crazy, if there’s a way to disable it in Plex/Seven I would be eternally grateful.
    Other than that, Plex is the best.

  • Great release. Been playing around with it for a while :)

    How about Airport Express ‘Airtunes’ support? Would be neat to be able to avoid wires to the speakers :)

  • Damn. We need to make the MediaStream guys come up with a view that is banner-friendly. I like banners a lot (and posters for seasons). None of the views is really workable for banners.

  • @Hecubus: Just put this in your advancedsettings.xml:

    You can still adjust all settings in there, even the ones that don’t appear in the GUI anymore.

  • Great work on the release! When are we going to eat dinner?

  • Hi. I get a bunch of small movies listed in the library view, seems lika trailers. How do I get rid of them?

  • I’ve been using Plex for some days now. Until version seven everything worked really nice, I was really looking forward to this update and I’d like to thank you for the new features, great work.
    Unfortunately, nevertheless, my remote doesn’t seem to be working properly anymore. If I want to leave, let’s say “TV Shows” for example, I have to press the Menu button very quickly three times in a row. If I press it once, nothing happens. If I hold it, nothing happens (usually it opens the ‘C’ menu on the keyboard, doesn’t do it anymore..). There are some other things which don’t work but you get the idea. Is this a known problem in any way? I checked my settings but it seems to be alright.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Nevermind the last post, seems to work after I restarted my Mac. No idea what that was but anyway, it works again.

  • Thank you for yet another great release of of this killer app! Looking forward to seeing even more new features in a not so distant future!

  • I’ve been wondering: Are there any way to put this application always on top, when in windowed mode?

    This is by far the best performing media player for HD-material, and i often experience quite a bit of skips when running VLC of MPlayer (even with high caches).

  • Hi,
    I tried out the new iTunes Library integration (with server). I really like the feature, but I recognise a cracking noise between two songs (I’m not sure if its on the end or beginning of a song). I’ve integrated all album covers into my mp3 so it might be that there are some problems with the meta information beeing played.

  • Boys, worst release EVER!

    I have used it for a couple of hours and discovered three showstopper bugs:

    – Some videos (which admittedly were crappily encoded in the first place) that used to play fine in Plex 5, now play at some 2x speed (audio too). I must admit that it’s kind of funny watching The Simpsons as if they had been sniffing helium, but come on! After stopping the video, Plex crashes.
    – Crash when going back to TV Shows main menu, if I enable Theme Music
    – If I browse my iTunes music by genre, artist…, Plex shows the tracks but won’t play the music. And if I browse it by track, it will show the tracks but may a) not play it or b) play the wrong track (WTF?).

    I’ll file those bugs as soon as I get back home. The last one is incredibly weird and hard to explain.

    I learned my lesson. Next time I will backup my previous settings. Scraping everything again to pull back to 5 is a PITA.

    BTW, wishlist: preamp for videos.

  • What a great an innovative release!
    Plex team is truly amazing.
    You make Front Row look like an entry level product.
    But watch out you may get hired by Stevie 😉

    I Feel a donation coming on!

    Now the only thing I dare to dream of is true EyeTV integration!

  • @breakfingah: Good idea, please file a feature request on Lighthouse :)

    @Koxman: Crackling sound at start of tracks is a known issue.

    @faibistes: I’m really sorry you’re having so much trouble. We tried to make it clear that this release was known to be a step backwards in terms of stability and we recommended backing up your Application Support/Plex folder. The first bug has been fixed already, and I’ll look at the last one shortly. Ryan is working on the middle one at the moment as well.

  • Consider building off/mimicking some of the following features. It is not necessarily bad to be a copycat. Evil empire M$ does it all the time. Apple does it on occasion. All consumer products steal from one another. If they provide the best features of the competitor’s product along with the best of their own product, they attract more customers.

  • I hate to bug you guys, but where is the Plex Media Server dmg? You guys said it would be available as a separate download, but I don’t see it anywhere. I ask because I might be trying to set up a remote iTunes library sometime in the near future and would like to use it on an old PowerBook. Thanks ahead of time for the info.

  • @Gumbyx84: You’re not bugging us at all! There’s no separate DMG for now, but you can easily pull it out of a Plex/Seven release, from It’s just a command line application you can run anywhere (except for the fact that I’m an idiot and the 0.7.0 release wasn’t a true Universal Binary :) )

  • Nice to see a new release, still I’ll stay with the 5.22 for the time being. I get a distorted sound on everything I listen too :(

  • Great work guys.

    Finally AC3 / DTS works on my Sony equipment, and everything else is working fine with a few crashes. Eye-TV external support is very appreciated, I just hope in the future that we can get a better native support, so Eye-TV can run flawless in the background and record TV when enjoying the wonderful features of PLEX

  • is cool

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