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10.08.08 11 Comments

If you pick up the November issue of Macworld, you’ll notice that there’s a two page spread on Plex (thanks to migueld for tipping me off). I spoke with Gina Trapani months ago, and had all but forgotten about it. It’s a well written article, and hopefully we’ll see a bunch of new users show up as a result.

Speaking of users, we got our 2000th member on the forums yesterday. Congratulations to SMario for making Plex 2K, we raise our collective beers to you!

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  • I just read the article. It wasn’t bad, but it would have been nice if the screens were of Mediastream instead of PM3, since I think Mediastream looks a little more ‘Mac-like’. Overall though it was a favorable review and I’m sure you’ll see a lot more users because of it. It would be enough to make me come check it out if I didn’t discover it myself months ago…

    Cheers, and keep up the good work…

  • @cyantist: I totally agree about MediaStream. Unfortunately we were contacted about the article months ago, before we switched over to shipping with it. Think of it this way, users will be pleasantly surprised :)

  • Great!

    Is there a slight possibility to have a scan available here (with the editor’s permission?)

  • Hello all,

    After reading Macworld’s article I tested Plex. It is a good piece of software, containing many bugs (well, nothing strange for a beta release). But i’s good and a nice alternative to Front Row. I apreciated the fine UI and many other improvements.

    One of many bugs : Plex is unable of reading my .wmv files.

    I faced a big problem : when uninstalling, my Apple Remote did not work anymore from the Finder (for launching Front Row, for example). I had to re-install, disable the Apple Remote from Plex and uninstall Plex again. This is a mess.

    Well, I’ll test Plex again when ameliorated.

    Plex is good job.

  • @Francois: Thanks for testing it out. I’m not sure what the exact format of your wmv files were, but it’s likely that they weren’t supported because the ffmpeg library (which we use to decode video) doesn’t support them.

    We’d love to hear more about your experience, since as a first time user your first impressions are very valuable. Please feel free to stop by the forums and say hello and give us some feedback.

    The uninstall is a bit tricky; if you configure the Remote to be always running (which it isn’t by default), there’s no trivial way for the helper to notice that the application has been uninstalled (i.e. deleted) and remove itself.

  • Does anyone actually have a link to an online version of the artical or some page scans so people can read it who don’t live int hat country ?

  • @ Jezz_X someone posted some scans on our forums there for users who can’t pickup the issue.

  • Hello everyone.

    I just wanted to let you know that the article is what turned me on to Plex (and BTW there is also a little article about Plex in the November issue of MacLife as well and they give it a “Solid” rating which I would say is pretty good for a young productl).

    I own and operate a custom electronics installation company and I am a huge Mac evangelist (been using them since 1984), so I have been looking for a front end for some of my clients that would run on a Mac. So I am VERY Excited about this product. Of course I think I need to wait a little longer till the product is a little more solid before I would let it loose onto my clients, but it looks very promising. I had used CenterStage a bit as well and from what I understand there is some sort of merger going on?

    I am curious if there are any other professional AV guys out there who are looking at Plex as a serious solution for creating media servers and distributed video throughout a house, or if someone is already doing so and has any comments.

    My own system at home runs off a Mac Mini using Front Row which I found to be simple and minimalist, very Apple like, but a little clunky specially if your library consists of downloaded movies, home movies, etc.

    I have some first impressions that perhaps I will post to the forum.

    Thank you.

  • I just wanted to let you all know that you are doing amazing work! I really just wanted to thank you for bringing over and improving XBMC/Plex for the Mac. I have wanted this sort of setup for so long and I just can’t say thank you enough.

  • Same issue here after uninstalling Plex my Apple Remote stopped working !!! Impossible to make it work again, please help !!!

  • I stopped “PlexHelper” Process and my Apple Remote works again

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