Release 0.5.19: Fine tuning

09.23.08 50 Comments

Alright, a fresh new release for your enjoyment. A few tasty new items, and some bug fixes reported by our most excellent community! You can download from the home page, or via Sparkle (within a few minutes).

  • NEW: Our newest Plexville code master, Jam, added the ability to modify the panel brightness for applicable LCDs (iMacs, laptops) via the settings. Lots of other really cool things coming very shortly from him.
  • NEW: Greatly simplified settings. Isaac worked really hard to come up with sane default settings, and also to move lots of the more esoteric settings from the UI into advancedsettings.xml. We’ve found that new users tend to run into the same things (e.g. disabling remote events and thus breaking Apple Remote). Plex now ships with a well commented advancedsettings.xml file which will get installed into your Application Support folder if you don’t already have the file. If you want to change settings that no longer appear in the UI, you can either edit the items in the advanced settings file, or remove from them there to make them appear in the UI again. Isaac did an awesome job at choosing reasonable defaults.
  • NEW: Revamped the full-screen toggling (?-F) to make things more Mac-like. If you go into full-screen and quit, next time it will start in full screen. Also, if you drag the window over to another screen and hit ?-F, it’ll go to full-screen on that display. Quit and restart and it’ll be full-screen on that display. In summary, it should act much more intuitively. Thanks to migueld for pushing me on this one, we had lots of new users (rightly!) confused.
  • FIX: Certain MKV files could cause crashes.
  • FIX: Multi-channel AAC files could cause crashes (with AC3 transcoding). Ryan nailed this one.
  • FIX: A regression displaying non-US charsets (e.g. French). Thanks to Soner and others who helped bring the problem to my attention.
  • FIX: A regression scanning/refreshing movies in VIDEO_TS folders.
  • FIX: Improvements to the German translation of MediaStream (thanks, Spacemessage!)

The new MediaStream 0.91 is included also, with lots of good stuff. There is a newer version out there, but we haven’t gotten though testing it yet with Plex.
We’ve also pulled the usual updates from XBMC: New scrapers, bug-fixes, better mouse hiding/displaying code from jmarshall, dropped frame code from elupus (look how few frames are actually dropped now!) and of course d4rk’s new plug-ins for iPhoto/iTunes (nice job!).

It was a beach day for Barkley this last weekend.

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  • thanks! its nice! more power!

  • @elan: I’m guessing the way you have it now is right for most people! I imagine most people have the second monitor close or right there.

    If you did add a hot-key as you have mentioned, I would use it, and I would be grateful!

    Speaking of grateful, Plex is wonderful software, many thanks!

  • I encountered the same high fan speed issue on my mini as reported by ihammond. As suggested I added the skin from 5.18 and did notice the fan speed was reduced when idling at the main screen. Reduced but not completely back to normal, it still seems to run hotter than previous versions. I just purchased the mini about a month ago and this is the first time I have heard the fans running. top shows plex using anywhere from 15-20% cpu, which doesn’t appear out of the norm to me.

  • I asked if you could pull revision 15344 from XBMC. Apparently this did not make it into the release. It would really be a nice feature to be able to hide completely watched tv-shows and seasons.

  • I like that toggle key for next display, I was wondering if that could be added since I’d like to map it to my remote. I think that could be a good solution for Owen.

  • @chitz: Sorry man, I put it on my list, I won’t forget it next time.

  • I also have the same 2 screen setup…with screen #2 in a room that’s not visible from my mac. Having and option to toggle Plex between screens would be great or hot keys either or.

  • I’m having a problem that I have to change the sound output every time before it uses the correct device.
    I use an external USB soundcard with analog 5.1 sound. The audio hardware shows the correct settings, yet the video sound is always played through the laptop’s internal speakers if I don’t “reconfirm” the settings first.
    Other Plex sounds such as the navigation sounds play on the correct device however.

  • I’m not sure it’s new for 0.5.19 but I’ve noticed a problem with title scrolling in List mode while playing music, where the title of the song playing will start partially shifting to the side, looking like a ghost image that shifts more and more. It doesn’t always happen, and sometimes it fixes itself after a while. It’s no big deal but maybe you’d like to take note of it (if it can be accurately replicated that is). A screenshot (cropped for clarity) has been uploaded to

  • mkvs with ass subs are still unreliable for me. added some details in the forum. otherwise most excellent.

  • I’m having a problem with this release. My library no longer updates my TV shows. I’ve tried manually telling it to update. Restarting the mac completely. Even removing and re-adding the TV source. The source is an SMB share that has (and continues) to work without issue.

  • @Charles: I just tossed a new show in (Entourage, I’ve been told it’s good), by adding a new folder, new season folder, and new MKV. When told to scan for new content, it picked it up just fine. Perhaps you want to head to the forums to discuss more with friendly and helpful Plexians?

  • I have the same problem as Charles is having. I added a few new episodes for 2 shows (Entourage :) & Weeds), and can’t find a way to get them recognized by the scraper, and added to the library. Other episodes with the exact same naming scheme and in the same folder updated without problems in the previous version.

  • I think there might have been a problem introduced by the advancedsettings.xml. Read for more information. Sorry for the trouble!

  • when you expect videomonkey script will be run ok? thnks.

  • Hi Elan

    i ran some tests and i think it was just me..

    I ran .5.15 with the skin that came with and it got to 2700rpm

    I ran .5.19 with the skin in .5.15 and that got to 2600rpm

    I ran .5.19 with the .5.19 skin and it got to 2700rpm

    I have not tried the 0.92 Mediastream skin yet though

  • Hmm… I’ve found that frame dropping has become noticeably worse in this release. This 1080p video ( drops frames whereas the previous version didn’t (although Plex says it does when viewing playback information). Any idea why that could be? I’ve not experienced this with any other video. I’m on an 08 MBP with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.


  • Maarut,

    Something that you should check into (since you have a Macbook Pro like I do) is overheating issues. I was troubled for the longest time by dropping frames with 1080p video etc. I kept trying to figure out why I was having such trouble with some releases and certain files… Then I found out that it was being caused by my laptop overheating!

    I solved the issue by keeping my laptop in a cooler place, keeping the lid open, closing all unnecessary programs, and I also installed smcfancontrol to help keep the temps down. I would check to see if that is also your problem. I am willing to bet that the cause of a lot peoples dropped frame issues on macbook pros is overheating…


  • If anyone also has dropped frame issues with 1080p on a macboook pro, I made a post in the forums about what solved my problems:

    Try it and post your results to see if this is common or if my experience was a fluke…

  • Hi,
    I have a MacBook Pro 2009 with a 500GB drive (WDigital, I replaced the 160GB)
    I was using Perian to play mkv movies, and yesterday I downloaded Plex to try it out.
    But in both every time I play a Mkv file the fans start spinning, I think it’s the fans or maybe the hard drive. But it’s quite a loud whoosh.
    Is this normal or playing a mkv file shouldn’t make any sound at all?
    Thanks in advance

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