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08.20.08 30 Comments

I’m getting a number of crash reports (a couple in the last few hours) from people running older versions (usually RC1 or RC2). In this specific case (playing .img files) and others the bug has been fixed in RC3.

Unless you’re running into a specific problem with the latest version, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade. You can always check the about dialog if you’re not sure which version you have.

(And yes, the next release is dropping within the next few days, just finishing up on some testing…)


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  • Excellent logo.

  • Sure. Just tease us with a RC4 dialog box screenshot… 😉

  • @Jason: That’s the lovely handiwork of Alexis Gallisa.

  • why not auto search new version when start?

  • @sirkillalot: We’re definitely going to be doing this in an upcoming version.

  • sirkillalot: Yeah that would be awsome, just a search for the latest version is a good start. Then to implement some sort of auto update, iirc elan is not going for sparkle since it does not handle incremental updates.

    Personaly i think this should be high up on the to-do list, together with iTunes integration 😉

  • The icon looks great.
    I now use a popcorn box:P

  • Hi elan,

    Awesome, you make this better and better with each passing version. Do you have a day job or do you make a living from the donations?

  • @PharCyder: Thanks! I most definitely have a day job. The donations do cover the beer, though :)

  • I think I’m responsible for some of those reports complaining about img file crashing… Wasn’t aware that a newer version was out, I’m used to being fed these things through the RSS. 😛

  • Glad to see a release is on the way. Reading over the comments, people want ituns integration, s-ware updates etc, and want those high up on the list.

    I would like to say, high up on my list wold be, concentrate on the final release, and stop with the itunes, s-ware updates, and all the other stuff. Until we have reliable, glitch free, synced playback, with no crashes and stutters, everything else is secondary.

    This app is only as good as the engine that plays the data, and when VLC, QuickTime, and QT wrapped in FrontRow are how I end up playing videos since audio is so far out of whack, the app is going in the wrong direction.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the work, a ton to be honest. However, if all it did was fire up one big huge list of files in a folder, on a black screen, and I click on one, play it, and have no stop, rewind, forward etc, but it plays those files perfect, I would be very happy.

    Thanks again, just some food for thought.

  • after finally falling in love in library mode, and also being managing the S01E01 context, i CAN´t press play in library mode..i´m going mad :) is this a bugg my friends? or whats wrong? i can play it in normal mode..

  • sorry forgot to mention a little detail, that i can play my movies in library mode, it´s just my series that won´t play

  • @hot pocket

    I haven’t run into videos with playback issues where the problem wasn’t a bad file or too high CPU utilization. Can you provide us with a sample of a video file that has problems?

  • @Hot Pocket: Your points are well taken. There is certainly a balance to be drawn, and core functionality is critical.

    In terms of audio being out of whack, I’m curious as to what audio hardware (and mac hardware you’re using).

  • @Hot Pocket: It might be a good idea to to come on to our forums and discuss your problems rather that suffering in silence. I play many types of files in Plex on my mini far better and more stable than most other programs.

  • Maybe you could alsk Elgato to work with you Guys together. It would be nice to have an Plugin for TV in Plex.

  • Yes. Eyetv-plugin to Plex would be great.

  • Yes,

    serious! whatever It would take to get EyeTV plugin running…I would make sure “Elan” would get a big donation for his beer fund!


  • @Elan, thanks for the reply. I am using a brand new C2D Mac Mini, with the built in audio out. I think most of what detail you need is here:

  • @EyeTV aficionados: Our man Ryan has interest in this as well, and he loves beer :)

    @Hot Pocket: There’s something funky about that AVI, although it does manage to play well in VLC et. al.

  • Add me to the list of “willing to buy beer” for eyetv functionality… :)

  • Elan,

    I have procured a half dozen voluptuous Bavarian beer maids armed with a near lifetime supply of malted barley and hops, whom are all awaiting the opportunity to ensure that you will never thirst again.

    All you have to do is add 24p sync playback!!!

  • Elan, where is the link for the EyeTV paypal beer fund!!!

  • @Rene: Just hit the Donate button and specify “For EyeTV” and I’ll funnel it all right to a doctor in New Zealand who also happens to be a awesome coder and fellow EyeTV lover :)

    @deanm3: I think I’ve actually figured out how to do it finally. Once we get some stability, then on to cool features.

  • hmm, I guess I’ll have live up to my promise earlier than I thought.

  • True 24p playback would be awesome especially if it played back at 24p in 720 (768) as well as 1080 resolution!!!

    Fingers crossed :)

  • 24p in 720 and 1080 would be the killer feature that makes all other players meaningless.

    Wish list number ONE!

  • @Matthew

    That might be a problem. There is no standard 720p/24hz signal that HDTV’s will recognize. There are plenty of 720p native TV’s that will accept at 1080/24 signal and display at a refresh rate that is 24hz friendly, but I am fairly certain that 720p/24 is not part of the HDMI spec.

  • Now we’re running head on into the problems with the ATSC. They should have standardized on 24p video in the first place, broadcast should have been 24p, and 30p/60i should have been an available but discouraged alternative only for the rebroadcast of older media. Early sets should have been at 60i, but it should have been left to the tuner to telecine the video for display. Later displays could have refreshed at 72p and then 120p to be nicely factorable into multiple other display rates.

    Interlacing made sense when everything was based around cathode ray tubes, but every newer display tech has to do all sorts of compensation to deal with deinterlacing.

    Other things that should have happened were the abolishment of overscan and a standardization on a single resolution. I’m appalled that all the options make it nearly impossible to have a single set that will display everything equally well.

    Of course when I rant on like this I tend to forget that the ATSC was trying to maintain some compatibility with Japan’s Hi-Vision (1080i but in 4:3 format), but even then it still drives me a bit nutty.

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