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Support Forums

| 30 May 2008 | by

It *totally* slipped my mind to mention in the release notes, but we have new support forums here. Come on in, make yourself an account, say hello. Many, many thanks to Isaac (a.k.a. iordonez) for setting them up.


| 21 May 2008 | by

A few days ago, there was a heated internal email discussion going on amongst the XBMC team members. The topic: whether or not to kick me and the other OS X people off the team. There was an actual vote...

The Source

| 13 May 2008 | by

Just to dispel any rumors or myths to the contrary, we are – of course – planning on checking our changes back into the Linux branch of XBMC, just as we’ve done with all previous releases. Trying to release a...