Interview with AutomatedHome

04.28.08 16 Comments

Mark McCall from AutomatedHome was kind enough to interview me about the direction of XBMC for OS X. I know what you’re all thinking, I should stop wasting time and just get back to coding, and you’re absolutely right. I’m totally ashamed of myself. But if it brings new users to our beloved media centre (notice my annoying British spelling), then perhaps it’s for the better.

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  • barkley comes from a long line of intel dogs. hope he’s taking the change to MAC in stride. anyhows, i always knew that dogs were good programmers.

  • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with the British spelling thankyouverymuch.. we *did* invent the language afterall! 😉

  • Indeed, British spelling is much appreciated. You’re the ones who bastardised the language! 😉

  • Oh really? Here I was thinking you guys just stole bits from Latin and German. :)

  • Now you’re just splitting hairs :)

  • No offence to you Elan, but what annoys me is that AutomatedHome calls the software/projec OSXBMC and not the officially given name “XBMC for Mac OS X”. The article also makes it seems like you are the only developer behind XBMC which I am sure will not lift team-spirit over at (the official XBMC project site) and Team-XBMC.

    By the way, here are some fact statisics to back up my point:

  • Gamester17: No offense to you, but the interview was about XBMC on OS X specifically, not XBMC in general. This is stated numerous times in the interview. Everyone here on this blog knows that XBMC was written over many years by many talented coders working all over the world, all of whom I have the deepest respect for and have very much enjoyed working with.

    That having been said, I’ve asked that the first paragraph of the interview (which I didn’t write) be changed to more clearly explain the fact that what we’re doing is a port, and Barkley didn’t write the entire media centre himself.

  • Guys – first of all my apologies if I have offended anyone in the XBMC community. My intentions were purely to help “the cause” by further publicizing XBMC, and in particular the OS X port which has been where my personal interest lies since I switched to the Mac.

    As Elan says the opening paragraph was written by me, and perhaps I worded it clumsily and should have made it more clear that OS X is one part of a huge award winning open source project.

    Automated Home has covered XBMC for many years now, we are huge fans and we are always willing to help in any way we can so if there’s anything else we can do or cover, please get in touch.

    Many thanks

    Mark McCall

  • On a completely unrelated note…. There is a large Apple community on this forum here in Australia, with some very talented developers lurking about. Elan, do you mind if I link there to releases and updates on here?

  • @Cranial Lethargy: Not at all, that’s very kind of you. Feel free to give out my email as you see fit if people want to contact me directly.

  • Cheers mate. Will do.

    And as always, nice work.

  • Have been following it for a while, but now will alert of new releases etc.

  • Nice to see the interview. Being a long time XBMC user I am extremely happy to have it on OSX. also Down with C++!!!!! I’ve had many arguments with coworkers about the same topic.

  • @rob: Old habits die hard, I guess. I used to be a total Emacs/C++ guy, but with Eclipse/Java (or VS/C#, for that matter), I feel like I’m on another planet in terms of productivity. Especially with all the refactoring goodness.

  • Refactoring is one of the keys to success using .Net. It opens a whole new world of possibilities. I also love have UI writing competions against my c++ coworkers. “Oh, that dialog box is going to take you a week”, poor muffin.

  • @rob, you do know that XBMC is written in C++ right?

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