• WooHoo! I’m First!

    Keep up the good work elan! Every little step along the way, moves us a little bit closer to the final product!

  • This is probably an issue to take to the larger XBMC community, as it’ll become more common as XBMC is ported to more platforms.

    One of the advantages of XBMC is running local scripts. In XBMC this wasn’t an issue, as it was a sandbox anyway. But in the current set-up we’ll have it potentially in Windows, Mac OSX and every flavour of Linux under the sun, including those it’s run as an OS front-end exclusively.

    It’s probably hight time that XBMC reported its version and platform in all its versions. It should be trivial and it’s basic (every web browser out there does it from day one, for example).

    The alternative is to have downloadable packages sporting multiple binaries (a la Mac OSX/NeXT Step Fat Binary Packages + Bundle packages), which although I don’t think is a bad idea doesn’t preclude the above.

    I’d push for the former and possibly both.

  • Can you view the HD trailers, or is that up to the script writer to include?

  • @phunkysai: Yeah, I think they’re all viewable.

  • not sure if HD trailers are on by default but its in the settings to set your prefered trailer size then it just keeps looking lower rez if it can’t find that one because apple dosn’t have it

  • Sweet! I can’t wait for this release to come out, OSXBMC has been perfect on my mac mini htpc and this’ll just take it over the top. 😀

  • @elan

    With Python presumably working out of the box in your next release, can we expect the PS3 Bluetooth Remote to work out of the box as well?

  • @bmfrosty: Python is needed for the PS3 event *client*, not the server (i.e. XBMC), so Python scripting support isn’t required for that feature. AFAIK (check the forums), people may be using it with the current release.

  • so the python problem is the platform-specific stuff then?

    maybe its time to write a HAL for xbmc, i.e. redrawScreen() would call hal->redraw() which would in turn call redrawOpenGL() on linux/macosx, redrawDirectX() on windows/xbox etc. (excuse my pseudocode).

    i was thinking of writing some python scripts, but a bit put-off if there’s problems with libraries and stuff. i assumed xbmc contained a full python distribution (or used the host os’s python on macosx/linux) and the scripts just called stdlib functions.

    anyway, excellent work so far – my new mac mini is playing movies over nfs from the linux box, and the imdb scraping works a lot quicker than on the xbox.

  • great..

    now i can finally ditch frontrow 2, since this was the only reason i was running them parallel on my HTmac!

    *eagerly awaiting new version*

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