Archives March 2008

Release 0.4.0: Python and Virtual File System

03.30.08 35 Comments

It’s been hell trying to get anything done lately. A friend is in town getting married and we’ve been partaking in all the wedding activities, which involve an ungodly amount of high quality alcohol. And we all all know how alcohol and coding don’t mix. Anyway, better late than never. We’ve decided to push the version number up a bit more than usual, to reflect the major changes in this version: NEW: Work has been completed on the Mach5 Ruby…

XBMC and Google Summer of Code

03.25.08 1 Comment

XBMC is participating in the most excellent Google Summer of Code this year. You can see a list of some ideas for projects over here and discuss in the forum. There are a few days left for submitting applications, so if you’re interested, by all means go for it! This would be a fun project for a student to work on and get paid for doing so.

More Python goodness

03.25.08 10 Comments

I fixed a few more issues with Python, and now Apple Movies Trailers work! Browsing, playing, it all works. I did need to replace some of the Python libraries in the downloaded script with the OS X version. This raises the issue of how to support downloading scripts for different platforms, when the scripts need binary components.

Good news and bad news

03.22.08 10 Comments

The good news is that I’ve made substantial progress in getting Python to work in OSXBMC. The bad news? I’m now addicted to the Tetris script and likely won’t get much more work done this weekend. There are still some issues to be figured out, but hopefully I’ll be able to make a release this coming week with Python enabled. (This also means that the Mach-O processor that wraps some stdio/stdlib calls seems to be working, which means that the…

Working on Python and VFS

03.21.08 8 Comments

Why so quiet lately? I’ve been working on a tool that processing Mach-O shared libraries and remaps symbols, so that libraries that we load inside OSXBMC call our own versions of some functions. This is needed in order to make paths and virtual file system behavior work (e.g. so that ImageLib can be told to open “smb://…..”). Having this working will not only allow scripts to work (with correct paths, especially), but will also fix a number of problems people…

Release 0.1.7: A Few Small Repairs

03.17.08 27 Comments

I had a bit of time to patch a few holes, so hopefully this will fix some issues with the last release. This version is also built with the new XCode 3.1 compilers, although I wasn’t brave enough to try gcc-4.2.1. Pick it up in the usual place. NEW: I hacked on CxImage some more, and now we extract thumbnails directly out of the RAW files if we can. This means that browsing though directories of RAW files is now…

Family in Town

03.15.08 5 Comments

My dad has been in town for the last week, hence the lack of updates. I need a few days to take care of things that have fallen by the wayside, and then I’ll hop back in the fray. Apologies to those waiting for replies to posts and emails.

All checked in

03.10.08 32 Comments

If you want to build the source yourself, you should be able to replicate my latest build now. If you’re interested in helping out, let me know, as I have plenty of tasks I could use help with.

Release 0.1.6: For RAW lovers

03.08.08 37 Comments

A few quick changes, so that I can go off and enjoy the weekend…the release can be downloaded here. NEW: Improved handling of situations where display refresh rate < video frame rate. Allows doing things like watching 60 FPS videos on a 24 Hz display (although this doesn’t work perfectly yet). It also improves how 24p content displays in 24p mode. (N.B. the mode on your display should really be 23.976 Hz. It doesn’t sound like a big difference but…

Some Thoughts on 1080p

03.08.08 24 Comments

After reading John’s excellent post over here, I got to thinking about 1080p content (or “difficult” content, really) and how we might be able to better handle it. To begin, let’s go over the numbers: A typical uncompressed 1080p frame takes up 3 MB (megabytes). This is full resolution for the Y plane, and subsampled U and V planes. This means that a single second of uncompressed video (24p) takes up almost 73 MB. That’s a huge amount of bandwidth,…