Archives February 2008

Release 0.1.4: Pink-be-gone!

02.27.08 66 Comments

The big change in this release (or perhaps the one which will make the most people happy) is the fix for the “pink screen” issue affecting GMA X3100 video hardware. It turns out that there is a serious bug (apparently one of many!) in the OS X driver which completely breaks support for the negation of constants in shaders. I had to modify the output of the NVidia compiler to make sure that constants were never negated (the constants are…

X3100 problem fixed!

02.27.08 16 Comments

I need to clean up some code and then I’ll make a release later on tonight (and check in my changes, sorry it’s been so long). It turned out to be a blatant bug in the fragment shader runtime or assembler, which I have worked around. More details later.

X3100 Battle Continues

02.26.08 4 Comments

Very strange…there appears to be something fundamentally wrong or different with the X3100, as best I can tell from my extremely limited experience with such things. Which probably means I’m completely wrong. D4rk helped me get set up compiling my own fragment programs (thank you!). The approach I took is what I always do, which is get the working code on one end, the non-working code on the other, and then move towards the middle until you find out what…

Update on the GMA X3100 issue

02.25.08 10 Comments

I now have the hardware in-house, and have confirmed that the problem appears to be with the ARB YUV-to-RGB conversion. If I enable software conversion (which takes a rather large hit on the CPU), things look fine. I’ll look some more later on tonight.

Finally nailed the font issue!

02.24.08 13 Comments

The bottom line was that the canonical type on OS X is UTF-32LE, not UTF-16LE as on Windows, or WCHAR_T as on Linux (which is a pseudo-encoding anyhow, which means “the system dependent and locale dependent wide character encoding”). On OS X using WCHAR_T defaulted to UTF-8, which – while it is a great encoding – didn’t jive with the rest of XBMC. I can’t believe that took around 6 hours to figure out…

Support Tips

02.23.08 5 Comments

As many of you know, there aren’t a lot of people coding on this project. I try very hard to respond to comments and help people out with the problems they’re having, but any time I spend doing that takes away from time I would otherwise be working on the next release. Please try to use the following guidelines when reporting problems. This will maximize your chances that I will be able to diagnose and fix the problem: If you’re…

Bad Movie, Good News

02.23.08 14 Comments

Last night I was forced to watch Rumor Has It. I say forced, but actually I was staring at the screen transfixed the entire time, not because of the acting (horrible), the plot (puerile) or the surprise peek at half of Jennifer Aniston’s right breast (entirely forgettable), but because of the quality of the output of the 1080p movie by our trusty little mini. By the numbers: This was an x.264 encode in an MKV container. The average bitrate was…

Release 0.1.3: Tasty Kibbles

02.22.08 45 Comments

This new release still only works on Leopard and Intel. No plans at all, present or future, to move to PPC or Tiger. (Note that I’m linking to another page with another big Leopard/Intel warning, and the new release is at the bottom of the page). NOTE: You will almost definitely want to move Sources.xml aside and then whack the “Application Support/XBMC” folder, as lots of related things have changed, and it’s best to get a fresh start. If you…

Release 0.1.2: Meep meep!

02.17.08 63 Comments

I’m actively working on support for the Apple Remote (and after that other remote control options), but we had quite a spectacularly good development over the weekend that I wanted to share earlier rather than later. It turns out that a fellow named Andreas Öman (bless his heart) made available an experimental patch to ffmpeg back in September 2007 that provides impressive speedups for multi-core decoding of H.264 content. We’ve applied it to the ffmpeg sources we’re using and the…

Diagnostic release for TV mode problem

02.13.08 24 Comments

To all those (like mingistech) who are noticing differences in the output modes to their TVs, please download this binary and replace the one in Then run from the command line: $ ./ Please paste the entire output in the Terminal into this site and then post a link in the comments. The binary has lots of diagnostic output and also adds an extra check into the mode selection, making sure it’s compatible with TVs (in theory, at least).…