Release 0.0.7: Let there be Mini support!

01.28.08 54 Comments

A few changes in this release:

  • Support for GMA950-based video hardware, like Mac Mini and some MacBooks. Until this point you’ve had to live vicariously through your larger-mac’d brethren. No longer. Scott kindly helped me out with a remote Screen Share session, and a few more OpenGL calls had to be changed to their ARB cousins.
  • Multi-threaded decoding has been enabled in ffmpeg. This *may* provide a performance boost for H.264 and MPEG2 content. In practice, I haven’t noticed much difference, but feel free to prove me wrong.
  • The postproc/swscale portions of ffmpeg have been hooked up.
  • CPU ID has been partially written, you’ll at least see something on the home screen.

You can pick up the latest release here.

Oh, and my excuse for not getting this done sooner is shown below. We went whale (and dolphin) watching this weekend. Those humpback whales are some elusive bastards, and tended to jump out of the water right after my arm got tired holding the camera up to my eye. Jerks.


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  • or chmod +x XBMC-0.0.7

  • lots of progress in such a short amount of time, i’m very, very impressed. From what I understand, if this is leopard only, then you’re not going to have much luck on a hacked apple tv (since as of my last check, they can only run leopard through some usb booting hacks and even then, will not have any sound). Cheers, though, and I’m looking forward to following this. If nothing else, this’d be great on my 24″ imac, it’s a decent set.

    – Charles

  • I have same problem as polve. I have installed as the instructions said, found them on in the forum, but all I get is a grey/white screen that seems to be 1080p. I run the osx desktop at 1360×720 as far as i remember.
    You guys have an idea to what could be wrong?

    Nice work Elan, all though it doesn’t work on my mac atm, it seems that you are very dedicated :)

  • Works fine on my Mac Mini except for fullscreen and DTS doesnt work either. This might be something Ill use once those things are sorted out :)

  • Nevermind DTS works. I forgot to add the file 😀
    Now the only pice missing for me is fullscreen then Ill be a happy camper. GOOD JOB!

  • only pice missing for me is a nice XBMC dock icon 😉

  • @Lars

    Dude, that’s the easiest thing you can do:

    IN the XBMC folder, go to the Media folder, and double click on one of the “Splash_xxx.png” files. It will open in Preview. Press Command+C to copy the image.

    Get Info on the XBMC-0.0.x, then click the icon to hilite it, the press Command+V to paste the image you previously copied, and voila, a brand new icon.


  • How about using SCons as an alternative build system for XBMC on Mac OS X? (and Linux? and Win32?)

    SCons is an Open Source software construction tool—that is, a next-generation build tool. Think of SCons as an improved, cross-platform substitute for the classic Make utility with integrated functionality similar to autoconf/automake and compiler caches such as ccache. In short, SCons is an easier, more reliable and faster way to build software.

    What SCons gives that XCode/Eclipse do not offer:
    – supports many platforms
    – out of source file builds
    – blazing fast (it does not use recursive makefiles, and does parallel builds too)
    – flexible (you have the whole power of a programming language — Python — at your disposition)
    – it appears it can produce MSVS projects too (but that is off-topic).

    What is less good with SCons:
    – things like debug/release versions are not done automatically for you (as in CMake) — you have to set the compiler flags manually, even though you always end up doing customizing compiler options anyway
    – Scons* files are python scripts, so it requires a bit more typing (like quotes in filenames), but it doesn’t look so strange to the eyes of a programmer

  • @Mr T: Glad to hear you got it working, fullscreen is up next.

    @Lars: I’m going to be working on better packaging.

    @SoerenV: Gray screen usually indicates you needing to whack system/profiles.xml, or else set the video player resolution to “Best Available”. That’s assuming you downloaded the full binary package to start with at

  • @NeMeSi: Hey, that’s the beauty of an open source project. Port the Makefile to SCons, and let’s have a look.

  • thx Chris that was easy

  • @Elan or anyone else who knows

    How do I “set the video player resolution to “Best Available”.”

    As I have tried to whack the profiles.xml and I did start out with the full binary and then use the latest binary.

  • Just a question. Doesnt have much to do with XBMC though but how do you create a shortcut in the dock to start XMBC. Now I have to open a terminal every time I want to start XBMC.

  • @MR T: I think you said it yourself :) Just coose that the xbmc file shall be opend with terminal.

  • [quote]
    @zAo: If you’ve got a big white window then whack your system/profiles.xml file and/or make sure the video playback resolution is set to “Best Available”.[/quote]
    Tried both, but both gave me the with window :(

  • Ok, I know that I must set “Best Available” on xbmc/system/profiles.xml but I don’t find in what row of the xml file.

    someone could help me?

  • Ok, downloaded all the files again and got a picture now! Only the sound is noisy.

    Thanks for the good work!

  • @SoerenV: You can set “Best Available” in Settings -> Video -> Player -> Resolution.

    @zAo: Sound being “noisy” is because we don’t support mix-down (yet). You’re hearing encoded AC3/DTS, and unless your brain has a surround decoder, it’ll sound weird.

  • Gurkburk: yeah. I figured it out just seconds after I posted here. Figures :)

  • @elan
    As I understand your explanation it’s something i setup in the GUI, but that’s not possible as I get the grey/white screen.
    I tried to make changes in the guisettings.xml but with no luck either.

  • @SoerenV: OK, then make sure system/profiles.xml is whacked, and make sure you have XBMC_HOME pointing to the right place.

    Very shortly here we’ll have an actual real Mac application where you don’t have to do any of this nonsense.

  • @elan

    cool, I’ll wait :)

    Thanks again for your great work

  • Is this Leopard only? I am running Tiger, and I get this error:

    dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libiconv.2.dylib
    Referenced from: /Users/snip/Desktop/XBMC/./XBMC-0.0.7
    Reason: Incompatible library version: XBMC-0.0.7 requires version 7.0.0 or later, but libiconv.2.dylib provides version 5.0.0

  • @shambolic: Yes, Leopard only.

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