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Source updates

| 30 Jan 2008 | by

I’ve been working on getting all my changes checked in, and I’m mostly done. However, there have been lots of merges into the Linux branch from the trunk, and in getting these to build I’ve had to update ffmpeg to...

Release 0.0.4: Yummy!

| 23 Jan 2008 | by

Lots of good stuff in this release: Video thumbnails are auto-generated for stacked files. More OpenGL fixes for GMA950, it **might** work on Mac Mini and Mac Book now. If it doesn’t please paste a stack trace. Optimized, assembly-enabled version...

Much progress on video

| 21 Jan 2008 | by

Changes in this version: Videos play at the right speed, and don’t lock up. Even seeking works. Audio now works during video playback, including DTS and AC3 passthrough!! SDL’s OpenGL vertical sync support is enabled, to avoid tearing. If we...

Audio hardware poll

| 19 Jan 2008 | by

I’m looking for some input into the names of audio outputs on different Mac models (e.g. “Internal Speakers”, “Line Out”, etc.) I’m especially interested in the names of your digital outputs. If you could post them in the comments I’d...