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Source updates

01.30.08 11 Comments

I’ve been working on getting all my changes checked in, and I’m mostly done. However, there have been lots of merges into the Linux branch from the trunk, and in getting these to build I’ve had to update ffmpeg to a newer revision. This is all well and fine, but I’ve been having some trouble getting ffmpeg to build. Shouldn’t take me too long, but this is why there haven’t been more updates. Plus, it’s been raining here like crazy,…

Release 0.0.7: Let there be Mini support!

01.28.08 54 Comments

A few changes in this release: Support for GMA950-based video hardware, like Mac Mini and some MacBooks. Until this point you’ve had to live vicariously through your larger-mac’d brethren. No longer. Scott kindly helped me out with a remote Screen Share session, and a few more OpenGL calls had to be changed to their ARB cousins. Multi-threaded decoding has been enabled in ffmpeg. This *may* provide a performance boost for H.264 and MPEG2 content. In practice, I haven’t noticed much…

Shortest Release Cycle Ever: 0.0.6

01.25.08 18 Comments

OK, I figured out why DTS wasn’t working. I suppose it would help to actually build libDTS. Now passthrough works with both AC3 and DTS for me and Scott, who has a MacBook Pro. The audio code isn’t perfect yet, but it’s now much more likely to work correctly, and of course, I’d love to hear how it works for you. Pick up the 0.0.6 binary and also the libDCA binary. Put the latter in the system/players/dvdplayer directory. Yes, I…

Release 0.0.5: Better AC3 passthrough?

OK, my head is still spinning from all the CoreAudio reading and VLC/Portaudio source browsing I’ve been doing. I’ve made a few changes that seem to help out the passthrough situation for people with the combination analog/digital ports and AC3 audio streams. Check it out here. Note: DTS is definitely broken, I need to look at this more. Release

Looking for some help with AC3/DTS passthrough

01.25.08 5 Comments

Specifically, I’m looking for someone with a surround receiver hooked up to run this binary and send me the console output (specifically, the stuff about “Asked to create device…”, “Considering…”, and “Picked…”). I’m trying to figure out why I’m apparently the only one able to do AC3/DTS passthrough. Please note that there is nothing new about this new binary besides some extra debugging output. It does not work on the Mac Mini. It does not provide a workable solution for…

Release 0.0.4: Yummy!

01.23.08 31 Comments

Lots of good stuff in this release: Video thumbnails are auto-generated for stacked files. More OpenGL fixes for GMA950, it **might** work on Mac Mini and Mac Book now. If it doesn’t please paste a stack trace. Optimized, assembly-enabled version of ffmpeg now statically linked in, which means huge performance improvements. Subtitles appear to work for me better (although still haven’t fixed the assert). Fixed a few multi-threaded crashes, it played a Planet Earth last night the whole way without…

Status with Mac Mini and Macs with ATI video

01.22.08 18 Comments

Just to let you know, there are still problems with GMA950 video cards (used by the Mac Mini). I changed some of the calls from glMultiTexCoord2f to glMultiTexCoord2fARB, but it turns out I missed a bunch more. On the other hand, I have successfully played high definition MKV videos on my wife’s iMac, which has the ATI Radeon HD2400. NOTE: You must make sure that the video resolution settings *match* between the video settings and the appearance settings (I used…

Much progress on video

01.21.08 25 Comments

Changes in this version: Videos play at the right speed, and don’t lock up. Even seeking works. Audio now works during video playback, including DTS and AC3 passthrough!! SDL’s OpenGL vertical sync support is enabled, to avoid tearing. If we can’t open the selected audio device, try opening the default device. Might prevent some crashes. Integrated fix for Mac Mini OpenGL issue, it *should* run there too (but I haven’t tested it). The hardest piece of work for this release…

Audio hardware poll

01.19.08 18 Comments

I’m looking for some input into the names of audio outputs on different Mac models (e.g. “Internal Speakers”, “Line Out”, etc.) I’m especially interested in the names of your digital outputs. If you could post them in the comments I’d be very appreciative. Some good news is forthcoming.

Fix for video problems on ATI

01.16.08 5 Comments

For those of you who experience a green screen when viewing videos, download this new version. I’ve disabled the ATI-specific OpenGL renderer, since (a) I’m not quite sure what its raison d’être was and (b) it was causing trouble on OS X (and apparently Linux, as well). Anyway, ATI users should have better luck with this version. This doesn’t mean video is actually working, but hey, it might render a few frames for you. In order. At some random speed.…